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Introduction to the Questionnaire

Student Comments from a Web-Based Course Evaluation Questionnaire Distributed to students in 2- and 4-year institutions in 15 Western States in the Spring of 2001

NOTE: There are 47 pages!!!

The comments were made by some of the 1,545 students surveyed in 182 courses taught by 142 instructors at 34 institutions located throughout the WICHE states.  The greatest number of students (70%) came from the fields of humanities, social science, and English.  The fields of foreign language, mathematics, and science were notably underrepresented (9%). 


This is my first try at an on-line class. Perhaps this concept is not the best class to have on the web. It has been an adjustment to try to work through questions that you are unable to ask in person and get an immediate response. In any case because I have a full time job and five kids this is my only option to fulfill my degree requirements. The courses offered are very limited and not really in the area I wished to study. Computer problems have set me back and it is difficult to catch up.

Online education is a great opportunity for those who live in rural areas of the country, and for those who work and have a family, being able to "go to class" when it fits into your schedule.

My experience with WEBCT has been perfect for my lifestyle. I can continue my education without it affecting my family. Thanks for this wonderful idea.

I like how this class is set up. The professor responds quickly to questions and assignments. I just have some confusion on how I'm supposed to turn in assignments. I have been told how I can just upload and download things (assignments from the Internet). The only hard thing with Internet courses is that it is hard to keep up with the reading and work. It is not like a normal class where you can skip one week and make it up later.

Internet courses should be offered at more 4-year universities especially for those who work full-time like myself. Not all degrees are offered.

I really like taking courses through WebCT however the content of this class is presented by the instructor using PowerPoint slides and narration by the instructor. This is the only part I do not like. The narration is somewhat boring and monotonous, and I have fallen asleep at my computer several times. The instructor is an extremely poor speaker, although he is EXTREMELY knowledgeable about the course content. Because of his boring, monotone speaking voice and certain elements of the class, like tutorials and study guides are missing, I would NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES recommend his class to anyone. Other WebCT classes I have taken I would encourage anyone to take, but in this case, no way!

Overall, the course is pretty much an exercise in everything that is wrong with academia. The Internet simply cannot provide the right forum for people to really get involved and learn together. There is something about in-person discussion that helps solidify knowledge, and that allows students to feel like they are gaining something of value. When I think about schools trying to offer more of these classes I worry that the Internet will merely signal the end of true learning, and will cause more and more people to become obsessed with the "sound-bite" type of learning where the discussion is conducted via pithy snippets one can quickly type, rather than thoughtful discussion.

I really am enjoying this Internet class. It is very convenient. I am a definite supporter of Internet classes.

This type of class is SO helpful to a person who works and attends school full-time!

I enjoy taking this class overall! I like the fact that I do not have to attend class, and everything is scheduled for us. There are no silly lectures to attend to, just straight to the point.

I just had a baby and was worried that it would be harder for me to go to school and that it would take me a long time. I really appreciate the option of taking an online course from home. It is easy to understand and I think I like them better than actual on-campus classes. :)

Since this is my first online course, I really did not know what to expect, but I have really enjoyed it and the freedom it gives me to do the work on my own time.

The only problem I have with this course, is the amount of assignments given. Also being required to log onto the course 3 times a week. It was my understanding that Internet courses were designed for those who could not attend a regular scheduled class. I just don't seem to have the time required to fully participate in this class. If I could log on once a week and accomplish all of my work it would be a better program. As it is now I may as well just plan to attend a regularly scheduled class.

I miss the personal interaction. It is definitely interesting to try to convey feelings, frustrations, etc. over the computer but overall I am learning to get things done on my own!

This is my first experience with web based classes. Due to a busy work and life schedule, continuing education has been something I would like to do but don't because of limited time. If more classes were WebCT based I would take those classes as well. Otherwise, time is just too limiting of a factor for me.

When I tried to use a school computer to access this class I had a problem. I would go to the main page, and press the logon button. It would automatically log me on as a different user. This bothered me more because I would not want someone to be able to access my account other than me. Perhaps adding a change user link would be a good idea.

The Internet courses are pretty good. I hope that there will be more available courses. I live in a remote area and the Internet will allow me to continue my education.

I love WebCT. It allows me to work and learn at the same time. The only con is the motivation to get the assignments done on time.

The instructor is always prompt with answering my questions, and I am always encouraged to ask questions if I need help.

This course is really well thought out and should continue to be offered in the future. The instructor does a lot to instill communication on a new and improved basis every semester.

Get rid of the frames setup. Most users that come into the lab print off the wrong frame.

This is my first Internet-based college course. I have found it to be informative, interesting, and challenging. Most importantly, it is extremely convenient! I don't have to worry about missing a class. Everything is a mouse-click away.

I have always found the Internet useful and fun!

The WebCT format works well with the material that is presented within our class. It's structured in an accommodating fashion. Web course are solid, it leaves time to work around.

I think this is a great idea and I want to do something like this again. I did and do have a hard time sometimes as it is all so new for me (even going back to school). What I do appreciate about the teacher is that she does try to be as available as she can. I just don't know how to ask in an effective way on the computer yet.

I am a mom of six children. My husband and I are first semester freshmen this semester (spring '01). Internet classes really work with my needs as a mom. My instructor really is accessible to me when needed. I can do my studies on my time. I like that.

One questions really jumped out at me, and I wanted to comment further. My instructor is very good at responding quickly to each assignment and giving adequate feedback. This has helped to alleviate some of the anxiety I was feeling at not communicating face-to-face with an instructor.

The instructions to log in to the class at the begin of the semester were poor. They did not list the steps correctly. Also, I think the course should have one web page which contains the course outline or syllabus. Rather than having the information spread throughout the site.

Some light colors are hard to read. "Weekly questions" and "General Questions" get mixed up. I'm not sure which ones I'm reading. Quizzes are short, but scoring is uneven (10 questions each earn 10 points, but 4 questions have 6 answers each (for 10 points), and the others are T/F or multiple choice, also for 10 points. Unfair. (I'm a retired teacher, and will talk to my instructor about this after the course ends.) Some assignments need to be in a particular format, but sending them to instructor by email messes the format up. I save as MS Mac 6.0, then attach them, but I don't know what they look like to the instructor. I love the opportunity to take a quiz 2 or 3 times, with different questions included in each version.

The format for uploading assignments on WebCT is strange and tricky. I was a bit confused the first few times I used it.

I find it difficult to learn without the face to face interaction with the teacher and students in class. Also, this is a writing intensive class which makes it even more critical to keep in touch with the instructor and to keep on track of our many assignments.

Accessing WebCT is often slow. This is unrelated to my computer and my Internet connection.

I believe that all in all the online course is easier than going to class, but the starting point was very confusing. For someone just starting out on an online course, I think it would be helpful to have a practice run with the instructor. Such as a practice hand in of an assignment. I have noticed a lot of students not utilizing MS Word. Handing in assignments after composing them in the forum tends to mix up the setup of your project. Example if you were to post your test answers( 1.a 2.b 3.c) it would turn out at an angle. Very confusing!

Getting my password and such were VERY difficult to get a hold of. I wound up getting them the day before our first test.

This is the first and last course I will take on the Internet. I need a classroom filled with other students, a chalkboard and desks. This is impersonal and cumbersome. Yes, I can learn this way, but I will choose to not learn this way.

Overall I like the WebCT a lot. It is easy to get around and understand. The only complaints I have is that it tends to be slow. Sometimes it takes awhile for everything to come up. I don't care for the quiz scores screens. They seem a little over complex.

The only problem that I see in this course is it was difficult at first to know what all was expected from me as a student. There are several places you must go to see what reading, what assignment, what outside assignment is due and when. It would be helpful if they were all in one area so that I could be sure that I have everything done without scanning the entire website for other assignments.

On line classes are great when the instructor is willing to devote the time students need for questions. Usually whatever amount of time an instructor has that would normally be in class or office hours should be devoted to teaching on line classes and responding to students questions and needs

This is a self-motivational way to do a class, but I have done well and have been able to manage the technology as well as learn a few things along the way. Overall I think my class is done quite well.

Assignments are unclear a lot of times. Sometimes I feel assignments are not posted far enough in advance.

Discussions on the bulletin board are EXTREMELY difficult to follow and fragmented. People in this class don't appear to know how to group messages by topic. Instead of "replying" to a message of the same topic, "new" topics are created instead.

WebCT works great. I love it.

I took a graduate level on line class and it was very disorganized and difficult to complete. It had the video/audio component with it. I almost didn't take this class because of my experience but one of the people in that class assured me that it wasn't a typical online class and to not be discouraged by it. I am really enjoying this class and it is so well organized and relevant. I feel very comfortable working in the program.

I really love these Internet courses, because they allow you to complete the work on your own time, and that's wonderful for a busy college student who wants to get a few more credits. I think they should offer more classes this way.

One good thing I find helpful in this course is that I am able to do my work on my own time. But I find the workload sometimes overwhelming.

This is the first time that I have done an Internet course and do enjoy it very much. It allows me the time to work during the day and do homework on my own time and still have time with my two children.

Taking a WebCT course was a challenging decision for me to make. I am not a computer whiz by any means. I would readily consider myself to be a computer rookie. Yet, this has turned out to be my favorite course this semester. This is a writing intensive course, and the fact that I can do most of the course work from home is very beneficial because I am a mother. In order to accomplish any Web based course, I find that the student must be very self reliant. There is no one breathing down your neck pushing you to succeed. It is a personal decision to succeed. Because of this, I don't know if Web based courses are for everyone. Young people fresh from high school seem to have more difficulty staying involved without some outside inspiration. WebCT courses require that you inspire yourself. If the student is self-motivated, then WebCT courses are wonderful due to the independence you get from them. Our instructor makes himself very available to us, and is quite willing to guide us through any difficulties. I am very fortunate to be his student.

I find the most difficult part of Internet classes is working alone. I find that a student must be able to problem solve, learn to use time wisely, and communicate effectively through written responses.

Taking an Internet course enables me to retrieve assignments and post questions regarding the class at my convenience. The web page was a bit confusing at first, since this is my first Internet class, but after a while it was very easy to just check the bulletin board for homework assignments or new messages from the instructor or posted questions or comments from other students. Having a full- and part-time job makes it difficult to find classes that are available for the times that I am able to attend classes, so having Internet classes is such a great benefit for people like me!

I've really enjoyed the course so far, although, I'm not too good at managing my time, so some deadlines might help me stay on task a little better. My instructor has done a good job of keeping up with everything. Things are always updated, and assignments are received and graded in a timely manner.

I am so far enjoying and learning from this on-line course.

I don't like the way that you have to retrieve your grades in this class. In my previous course the scores would automatically show up when you hit submit and here they don't (though I am aware that some of the quizzes have questions that need to actually be graded and are not just multiple choice). But even the process of going to the quiz page and clicking on the 1 to see the results is annoying. I also don't like that there is no log off feature. The only way to log off is to close the browser, which is also annoying. The last thing I don't like is with the bulletin board. I would like it to show me how many times a message has been read by the other students in the group. This is not really a problem but just a feature that I liked. I had a different online course which used Syllabase, which I think was by the 3GB Group, and I found it to be much more intuitive and friendly. It also allowed for users to submit homework online (not via email) and monitor which assignments had been received.

I think the course calendar function could be vastly improved. It should be a one stop area to see what assignments, chats, projects, tests, readings, slide shows, etc. are due, or scheduled. Now I have to click on several different links to find out if I am on task & on time.

I find these courses confusing at times because it is easy to get lost or behind. Sometimes requirements are posted at times were I cannot complete them because of work schedules.

I am a single mother of 3 and I am very busy, but I have enjoyed this web class. I had a hard time at first getting all the information I needed to get started. I am not real good with computers so it has taken some time. But you will be glad to know that now I am actually enjoying it. The teacher is very kind and quick to my responses when needed. The part I like about this course is I can do the work on my own time and with 3 children and living 1 hour away from the college extension.

I have enjoyed most of my Internet courses. I have found that the instructor makes ALL the difference. If you can interact with the instructor any bugs can be worked out. If the instructor is not available the smallest problem can become insurmountable.

It's convenient to have class at home with this Internet course but I rather have an actual classroom setting with one-to-one interaction with the instructor and students.

I love doing work over the Internet. Being that I am not totally comfortable with it yet, I think that is where all my problems come from.

I like having Internet courses. I only have elective classes left before I graduate this spring and being able to do those classes at home has really helped. It allows me to be able to be home with my daughter with out trying to find a baby-sitter.

Well this is my second semester and my first Internet class. I enjoy this class cause I am comfortable using the Internet.

It's taking me a while to understand this type of class. I like the old traditional style of a teacher in front of the class.

Just give me time-with practice-I'll eventually like this kind of class.

Our professor is really good to get a hold of even if the WebCT is down. She cares and helps us in any way she can.

So far, I have really enjoyed taking this Internet class. It has been very easy to work on assignments and everything has been very clear. Plus, it is nice being able to work on what needs to be done on my own time when I am able to.

In my opinion, this course was not explicit on scheduling of assignments and projects. There were no clear guidelines as to what chapters should be read during which week. The calendar section was never used to schedule assignments, reading, quizzes, etc. I was totally confused as to what was supposed to be done and I don't think I was the only one by reading the emails of other people.

I really enjoy my Internet class because it allows me to fit this class into my schedule.

Great instructor....fast paced class - could slow down just a little bit. Otherwise, the instructor is VERY VERY patient and also very intelligent.

It has been interesting, but there is a lot of extra work that can be termed "BUSY WORK." It doesn't help! It is just meant to make sure that we are going to class as we should. I'm a big boy and can handle my schooling. I prefer normal classes!!!!!

Overall, the WebCT system is fairly easy to use. One definitely needs 1 or 2 weeks to get accustomed to the system.

The instructor is wonderful. Great teacher, caring person and understands technology.

This course is my first online Web CT course and so far, it has only been extremely frustrating and unfortunately, most of the problems seem to result not because of the format of the online class, but because of the instructor. I was not only faced with frustrations in not receiving e-mail responses, instead the professor sounded upset because I emailed her. This seems utterly ironic since especially in an online course, I would believe e-mail to be a vital tool in communicating, especially when I encountered difficulties in navigating and accessing to WebCT. I feel the WebCT format is actually pretty good and only wished the instructor would show a bit more concern for her students as well as attention, even in an ONLINE course. Also, if the instructor continuously makes excessive spelling errors and grammatical mistakes in the discussion postings, I wonder what the qualifications are in order to be an instructor for a WebCT course.

The instructor is great. This class is a waste of time though.

Our version of WebCT will not allow us to view our written work (MSWORD) on WebCT its self. We must first download on to our computer, then open MS WORD. This presents problems for computers at home.

Problems with the tests not showing the diagram needed to answer questions and web links no longer working is very frustrating. Also the teacher should be able to designate a certain time for students to call or email if they have difficult questions. Besides that, all is good.

It took a while to learn the mail system, it was not overwhelming but took some time. I still don't completely understand the thread.

I love Internet coursed because I really enjoy self learning opposed to time in most classes in large groups. It has been great! I hope to see more classes offered through the Internet in the future.

I am very pleased with WebCT. It feel that it is an effective and creative learning tool and that it should continue.

It's a hard thing to get used to, but once you do it's great!

I am able to take courses and earn degrees that I would otherwise be unable to. I am grateful technology has come this far. I do still have a problem trying to see the "whole" picture of the class. I get confused when I am trying to do an assignment and need to go to another area to search or look something else up. The positives outweigh the negatives by far-overall:)

I feel that an Internet class is OK to take. You can work around busy schedules.

The biggest complaint is that I have to go to all these different areas to find out what is due or what I am supposed to do. Also, I HATE having to scroll horizontally to read my assignments!!!!

I have enjoyed my Internet class. However there is one thing I do not like and that is the group paper. I don't like the idea of getting together with people I don't know and trying to write a 6 page paper together. It is too difficult to combine four opinions and writing styles into one paper. I'd prefer doing my own and if it is too much for a teacher to read I think we should write two page papers then and then there will be less stress. Just an idea.

This course is a good one. However, it does get difficult to catch on to the lessons without the classroom environment. I have a personal handicap with this type of stuff. Not to mention, it helps with the student-teacher relations to be in a class. The projects do get difficult too.

I am finding that WebCT is slow to load or get connected to. I am also having problems sending assignments to my instructor in a format that he can open and read. It has been a frustrating class for these reasons.

Sometimes I get lost on some questions with an assignment and it's not quite like the classroom atmosphere where you can ask the instructor for help and get the visual help you need.

My previous experiences with Internet classes have been very positive, and served my purpose. I am very frustrated with this particular class because part of the grade is based on bulletin board participation, etc. My main reason for taking Internet classes is a lack of time--I will always get the assignment done, but having to read, respond, and initiate communication simply puts me behind and stresses me out.

I enjoy the freedom involved in an Internet class. I can do the assignments when I have the time or when I can use a computer. It is based on my time schedule

I would like to have more assignments available at one time. Sometimes it is easier to know what the upcoming assignments are about and how I can start thinking about them.

WebCT is still too primitive to be a main part of any class.

This is my sixth web based course. I have enjoyed all of them. It was difficult at first to get used this type of media. However, is has been best suited for my situation as I work full-time. These types of courses allow me to accomplish my education on my time and I appreciate that. I also think that there is an impression that these course are easy. However, that is far from the case. These courses are both reading and writing intensive.

I have enjoyed the flexibility of an online class.

My instructor has been extremely rude and impatient in her responses to her students. She tends to be very vague in her answers and gets impatient when we keep asking her our question in order to come to a specific answer. It is very frustrating for me, and I feel as though I cannot ask her a question without feeling bad for doing so. Also, the website that she set up had a lot of errors in it with the links, and the quiz questions and answers were often jumbled together. I am extremely unsatisfied with this course, especially since I have taken 8 or 10 other online courses, and had no problems whatsoever with the websites and the instructors.

I love this class for the simple fact that I don't feel pressured in getting the assignment done. Although there are deadlines, it's easy to be able to, at anytime, day or night, access the class from home. As a full-time worker, student, and mother of 4, I like the fact that I don't have to sit in a class room twice a week to do what is expected. However, I do miss the one on one with other students and the instructor.

This is my first online course and I don't like it much. The instructor is vicious when you make him mad by not understanding what he's asking and when you ask for clarification, he makes derogatory remarks to you in front of everyone in chat. Very unprofessional, not to mention embarrassing. I won't take another online course, I can tell you that!

I think Internet classes are a good idea. I like going at my own pace. However, I do not like how we have to do a group project. I don't have the time to get together with a group in order to produce a good project. I'd rather do it on my own!

I love the online course format of WebCT!

I do feel that the Internet course is a good way to involve more students. I find it very helpful for those who have families, who work a lot, and those that can't always attend class. I also feel that I don't get the same type of education I would if I were attending a class. I probably will not take another Internet class unless it is required, or for some reason I could not attend regular scheduled classes.

I like the WebCT format, however, I do miss having lecture. There's no human contact, and I don't get to hear other students' questions. However, this format works well when you have to be out of town and would otherwise miss lectures.

Another chat time would be wonderful as I am not able to ever attend the regular meetings due to another class.

I find this course to be very interesting. I do notice that I have to be careful when I'm posting essays because it almost feels like just a regular forum board to me. I keep trying to be too informal in my writing. The course has definitely been a help to me, however.

The only part of this course I didn't like is posting on the bulletin board and reading from it. I wasn't really clear on that and there weren't any real instructions for it. If there have been problems in this course for me it has been on my side. I have had personal things going on and it has been hard for me to get to the library to do research. The instructor is very good about communicating with me and I feel I can keep in contact with her very easily. I also get the feeling she knows that this is something I am trying to do in my spare time so if something does come up, I just e-mail to let her know and she sends back a messaging that is not condescending but instead understanding. This is something I don't get from my telecourses where there is no contact whatsoever from the instructor.

You need it make it easy to find assignments in WebCT. It routinely takes me 5 minutes to find the correct combination of links.

I love my Internet class. It is flexible and that is what I enjoy the most about it.

The only thing that I have found that I don't like about WebCT is that when you want to print the assignment list, the whole page prints out on separate pieces of paper. What I mean by this is that the left navigation frame prints on one piece of paper, the top frame prints on another, and the assignment frame prints on another. This is a waste of paper because I don't need to print out navigation bars.

I like this idea of online courses, but the only thing I think would be better is if at least we get to meet with the instructor once in a while for any questions or comments that we might have.

I really am enjoying this course!!!

The Internet classes are fine. They are not my favorite, but I realize that they are nice if you don't live around the school. I don't like reading everything off of the computer. My biggest problem is that the text goes beyond my screen, so I find myself having to scroll over to the information. It really bothers my eyes, so I have a hard time reading my assignments.

I was very intimidated initially about taking an online course, but with my work load and other class being taken, there was no time to take the class at school, and an online class seemed interesting and challenging. There are certain classes that I wouldn't take on the net, b/c I think it would pose to much difficulty, but I'm definitely up for taking another next semester. My instructor is amazing, I feel lucky to have had her as my first online instructor.

Online classes are easy to forget about. Maybe you could have something that e-mails the class when the instructor posts something. I check my e-mail all the time so I would remember that I have online work to do

This course has been great for me. I have a long way to drive to school, and it really helps to be able to do this when I have the time.

It's been great! I thought the online format would have been harder but once I got use to it is a great system. Great job developing distance education.

In my experience with web classes, I have learned more from the classes that are set up as a student/teacher tutorial based course rather than those that make an attempt to get students from all over the state interacting and evaluating one another.

I enjoy taking this course. My instructor is great. This is a good experience for me.

I find the discussion room dialogue hard to follow and not very user friendly. Some messages I would like to erase, it doesn't allow it; we should have more options in organizing the discussions the way we want.

Also, every time I click on the close button while reading a discussion, I get a "script error" message.

More classes should go this direction. Some professors are worth listening to but many of them like to here themselves talk...wasting my time and theirs. Web based education can resolve this.

The only thing I have found that I don't like is the way some of the screens don't let you maximize the screen so that you can read the entire page without moving the screen back and forth from left to right. Maybe I just don't know what I'm doing.

I took two WebCT courses last semester and this semester I am taking four. The online classes not only fit my lifestyle (mom of three), but also my learning style. My only suggestion would be for a separate open discussion board so that we can continue conversations that spring up but are not directly related to the course material. I think that this would help us as classmates to get to know each other better and make us more comfortable in our class feedback.

I am also taking two other online courses right now. Before this I had never done anything online. It was intimidating to me but now I feel very comfortable with my ability to operate my computer. I love this option as an alternative to the classroom.

The discussion process with WebCT is the most clunky software I can imagine! I hate it! The way it compiles and makes you search for messages is low tech of the lowest. I almost didn't take this course because of the last semester experience. I hear there may be some trouble submitting our project that's due Monday because the dropbox isn't cooperating.

The only main problem that I ran across was the fact that a number of students use different software, and we had a difficult time opening some text documents.

Simple to follow course. Very nice and informative.

My instructor is great, I have learned so much this semester

I have really enjoyed this class, and doing it online has been fun. Yet I wonder what I would be different if this were a regular class.
The teacher does a good job with the lectures yet I wonder how different it would be if I were there in a classroom where I could ask questions. Sometimes on the group discussions I wish the instructor would log in because I would like to know what she thinks about some of the topics

The one thing about this course that I really dislike is the fact that my instructor is very slow to respond, if she responds at all!! She is very slow in communicating any information regarding our assignments. But I'm assuming it's the teacher and not the WEBCT's problem.

I have trouble with the technical portion of WebCT. Problems change depending on the school computer I have to use, i.e. NONE of my Discussion Forum answers show up on the pages, I can't download informational links given, or can't print the homework assignments or save them so I frequently have to redo my work.

I love the convenience of the Internet class. One frustration is getting to know how to use WebCT when you do not have an instructor there to tell you how to do it. Luckily, we did not have an assignment due too early which gave me time to figure it out. I do think that sometimes the class is confusing as to what is exactly expected.

This can be a really great and useful way to have class, but then it can also be very frustrating when the servers are down or when there are technical problems. It seems like the teachers don't interact as much as they should. I wish that they would interact more.

I strongly dislike the format of posting assignments and comments to the same place as other students. I feel postings are personal and should only read by the instructor. Besides that, it is a pain to scroll through everyone's assignments to check if any new discussions that have been posted by the instructor. The discussion page looks really messy and it's hard to find out what the instructor's comments are when students can make the same bold headings. The discussions page should only be used for discussions, not for posting all of our assignments.

I like on-line courses. It's just that the majority of the time is trying to figure out what the weekly assignment is and the amount of reading is crazy. I am taking 4 on-line course and am struggling to keep up which will affect my 3.8 GPA. I was thinking it would be less time consuming than being in class but I see now that this is not the case.

Having a class on the computer is very stressful for me because I do not feel comfortable with it. I wish that I had the option to take the class in a classroom setting instead.

The reason that I love this particular class as an on line class, is because although the class is dealing with issues that are important to learn, it is not a subject that is difficult to work with, like Chemistry or something similar. And so it gives some freedom and flexibility while taking other classes that are very structured. So as a student, when you are overloaded you don't have to go to a class room at a certain time but rather work at a pace and organizational level and as a whole I think I do better in both the on line class and in the class room courses.

I am enjoying the web course. It seems that the lessons that we are required to do seem sometimes overwhelming, but I am learning a lot.

I have been taking online courses for 2 years now, and I have noticed a BIG improvement with the web courses since the fall semester 2000. The pages are a lot easier to follow, and to understand. I still seem to have problems with instructors using the "grade" icons. I had one instructor post that you could now view your grades under the grade icon. However, when I tried to access it, it showed me my name, but there was no grade. It was just an empty screen. Another suggestion that I have is last year, when my course was not on the web page, it took over an hour from someone from the college to find someone who could answer my question. I kept getting transferred, back and forth and voice mail after voice mail. Two days later someone did call me and tell me that the course had not been posted yet on the website, even though the course had started two days prior. This semester I had a similar problem with another course, when I was to get a lab kit. The bookstore was selling a kit they shouldn't have, but had it as the kit for the course. It wasn't made clear that you had to go to an online office at the campus to get the lab kit. It would be nice if the little details were not overlooked. That would save a lot of frustration when you are doing homework and realize you have the wrong kit, and have to drive 50 miles to the campus to get the right kit. The last suggestion that I have is instructors who seem to insist that you have a group meeting. It seems like it is not understood that a main reason why people like myself take online courses is that my schedule is so crazy and busy, I don't have time to meet, and if I did I would be taking the class at the campus. I have had to send numerous e-mails outlining my schedule to instructors trying to find a time to meet with the rest of the class, and this goes on for a few weeks until the instructor realizes that it is nearly impossible to get all these people together, and they end up scratching the idea anyway. It would be helpful if they just announced a time, like 7 p.m. Monday night, and whoever could be there is there, instead of going through the process that I just described. Like I said, I live about 50 miles away round trip from the campus and I just don't have time to do this. Overall, I am very happy with the online courses, and it has helped me in my goal to get a college degree so much. I wouldn't be as far along as I am today with out them. I really do appreciate all the work that goes into them, and how the instructors really do care about the students, and I have never had a problem getting help from an instructor. The above mentioned items are just a few things that have gotten me frustrated over the years.

The only real concern I feel is that sometimes the lecture notes aren't posted in a timely fashion, and that when assignments are due is sometimes confusing. Other than that this course is very informational.

I am enjoying this course very much. The instructor is the most interactive instructor I have had so far. The WEBCT program fits my needs and is especially easy to move around in. I cannot think of anything that would help to improve it. I am very comfortable taking my classes through WEBCT online.

WebCT has been quite buggy. Bulletin board notes for discussion groups end up on the main board. Does not show all assignments in the quiz view that loads first. If I had bought this software I would want my money back.

The Internet course is disconnecting or maybe its just this class. I don't appreciate being scolded. If a teacher has to comment on turning in assignments on time, they should look at why, or better yet ask what they can do to help, especially first assignments when students are trying to figure out what to do. If its the whole class that's experiencing this problem then there's some valuable instruction/directions missing. I think instructional video can be very effective. There would be a stronger human connection with the ability to listen to their instructors and classmates tone of voice and body language. I really enjoy the flexibility, I can be "in school" at 1:00 am and I'm totally empowered by the technological leaps we as world have made. I know there are "kinks" to work out and I like being a part of the education over the Internet growth.

This course is a lot of work. The tutorials are out of date with the software. The home page has a lot of dead area. The useful area is too small. Deadlines are too short. This has been a terrible experience.

Some of the course requirements seem to be assigned simply to justify the course. As an introductory writing course, the amount of assigned work seems to be a little much.

When I signed up I had no idea that I had to load bogus program onto computer. Thought it was all pure research. PLUS side = learning frames in HTML which never did before. Also like Paint shop Pro very much !!!!!!!! WORST = lousy link style have to remember which lecture had which link to exercise instead of a global link page so just can go straight to link without searching endlessly....That's why print out all lectures so can have notes to look at later on ...

I wish a basic in-house class explaining how to move around in the web site would have been helpful. Even a handout telling me what a radio button is would have helped. For those of us not as computer savvy as some of our classmates, this type of class can be very frustrating. I spend most of my energy trying to figure out the website and what to do than actually answering the questions, and doing the work. It is getting better and the instructor has been helpful. I wish I had realized how much computer comfort was necessary PRIOR to taking the class. It would have saved quite a few headaches.

I think that this teaching arena allows more people to further their education. Some students are not able to be there at the college due to distance or health or any number of reasons. I personally am glad that this was available to me.

Overall I am content with the way that this online course is conducted. The workload does seem to be a bit much but it does fit in with my schedule well.

The instructions on what to do are confusing and not ever clear, making it hard to complete the projects. Not only did I have a hard time understanding the instructions, but a lot of students I have chatted with. We always have to ask questions cause the info isn't clear. And by the time I get done asking all my questions there isn't enough time to finish the project.

This is the second course I have used on WebCT. I am not to enthused about taking a course via Internet. The Internet course is missing the instructor/student relationship that a class presents. I feel I get more out of going to class than taking a course on the Internet.

When students are required to respond to their peers comments on a particular subject for grade points, I would recommend that the instructor promote that assignments are not completed on the last day. All of my peers wait until the last day to turn in their comments; many times I have to stay up late at night just so I can reply to one of their comments.

I have enjoyed experiencing the on-line course, however, if I had a choice I would not do it again. I prefer interacting in class and face to face with other students and my instructor. I'm figuring out that I tend not to participate in chats because it really is not convenient for me. I really like the material, I guess I'm just having a hard time getting used to the way it's taught on-line. Call me old-fashioned.

I appreciate that course assignments are clear and instructions are specific. Also, I appreciate the remarkably quick response the instructor gives to assignments I submit.

The instructor has been excellent. Others have not been as good. The number one problem I have had in the past is an instructor who would not answer questions. Instructors should be prepared to communicate with students.

I'm not real crazy about the e-mail pages. There is no spell check on them and on the personal pages there is no menu to edit and make choices from. You always have to go back to the Bulletin Board to move around on the site. But these are small things and are just pet peeves of mine. I also have tried to downsize e-mail pages at times and lost my script. Attachments are very difficult. I don't understand why people don't just copy and paste. But that's about all, and they are minor inconveniences really.

I miss the interaction of the classroom when taking a course on the Internet, but I do like the convenience.

My last on-line class was awful. The instructor of my current course has made all the difference. I can tell that she is working hard to communicate with the entire class. I appreciate this effort as I don't feel left out in the dark!

An online course really gives you the time to think about a response rather than just respond to a question on the spot as in a traditional class room setting.

I really enjoy this class. I do however live with students who do traditional schooling, and they do a lot less work than I do. Even though they are in lecture halls twice a week for each class I seem to be doing twice or even three times as much work. The four classes I have now take up forty to fifty hours a week, but if I were taking them in the classroom, there would only be thirty hours or so. I feel the school is overcompensating for the fact that we don't have lecture time by giving us a lot more work. It almost makes it not worth taking the classes from home. It doesn't save the driving time, because it adds on twenty more hours of work a week.

I find the course difficult only because I don't have to go to a classroom, so I end up putting everything off for too long.

I have taken several courses via Internet, and the success/failure of these courses, in my opinion, rests on the response time of the instructor to answer questions. In this class, the instructor is quick to answer questions, and to e-mail confirmation that assignments have been received. In one of my courses, the instructor routinely took up to two weeks to answer a question. Needless to say, this was very detrimental to my success in that class.

The only complaint I have about this course is since the majority of our work is submitted using WEBCT, I would like to have a link on the course home page to go directly there, instead of having to click through the class assignments to access the discussions on WEBCT. Otherwise it has been a very interesting class and I have learned a lot.

The instructor is great. I have no problems going to him for help. In addition, he tries to help his students in any way that he can.

My teacher is great!! I wish I could meet her someday! She's very understanding and helpful!

I love being able to take classes online. Being a single, working mother its great to be able to do this from home!

I feel this course is easy to follow and the teacher is very helpful and on top of things.

I think sometimes it is difficult to understand what is going on in this course, where I am supposed to be and what I'm supposed to have read before I go and complete assignments.

I really like the Internet course. It's easy to use and I can complete the assignments when it is convenient to me. My only problem with it is that we have to do a group project. The whole idea of the Internet course for me is so that I don't have to worry about working with others.

I think the course outline and web page could be more than it is. It is lacking efficient instructions for completion of the assignments and course. Some more background on the subject and the goal of the course could be better stated.

I feel group projects and presentations should be discouraged in online courses. Traditionally these seem to work all right in a classroom settings, however they are less compatible to those taking online courses, and the work doesn't end up being equally distributed to all members of the group.

I love the Internet classes they are really convenient.

I would like to see more active media presentations of the subject - video clips or online lectures/presentations about the subject.

The attention and instruction definitely vary from instructor to instructor. I have some that are easy to communicate with, but some instructors will not answer questions, or get in discussions.

I think that this course is a real waste of my time. However I would much rather take it over the Internet on my own time than have to sit in a classroom. There are many confusing parts to the class. Mostly where to find something. After I was in the class almost three week I figured out what was going on.

I find that the instructor is exceptional, however, the subject matter begs for discussion that is simply too limited via techno based learning. I would rather shoot myself in the foot then take another one of these classes online again.

Online courses are a good idea, no wasted travel time. Learning this quirky arrangement is a nightmare for first timer! I have lots of Internet experience and have never seen a more illogically arranged website before. Prioritize-first page should lead to information needed first and so on. Fewer clearly defined choices on any screen. Lose pictures that load slowly, this is not entertainment. All assignments for any class; due dates, grades...should exist in one clearly labeled place.

1) Mandatory meetings are not a good idea for an online class as you are supposed to be able to take them anywhere. (I am taking mine from Switzerland. There is an 8 hour time difference.

2) I do not feel it should be necessary to communicate with other students online. For me that is one of the best things not having to interact with 25 other students. People that take online courses are usually too busy to go to a school or travel and do not have time for chat sessions.

3) I believe that the most important factors concerning online classes are: Easy and readable layout of the web pages and not to many pictures or animations. A clear syllabus that clearly states timeline and assignments and most importantly that the teacher is consistent. There should be no changes to due dates and assignments throughout the semester.

The last assignment was unclear and very time consuming. We were to gather information off-line. Since this was an on-line course all information, I feel, should have been gathered on-line. In general for this being a one credit course there was too much work/research expected.

I have really enjoyed taking these Internet classes. I think that they are set up really well and are very easy to follow.

It's hard to know if you are keeping up on the material or reading everything you should.

The only problem that I have with online courses is the communication. Sometimes it takes two days or more to get a question answered, and by that time homework is due, and it is too late.

Excellent professor. Very quick responses and clear with necessary assignments.

I think that web courses are hard to follow because you never know what you are doing right and wrong. It is important to have interactions with an instructor and I don't feel that a web course allows for enough interactions. I will never take a web course again, I think they are a bunch of busy work and a waste of time. I feel that I get more out of a class when I am learning from someone instead of a screen.

Concerns revolve around the difficulty in accessing the Internet due to a flood of users during prime time. Also, difficulties at the server site (kicking me off the computer or not allowing access) is frustrating. The reason, I believe, most people opt for an Internet course, as opposed to the traditional on campus course, is due to time constraints, conflicting schedules, etc. With this in mind, when you schedule time to use the computer and complete a test or use a chat room or e-mail the professor, and the system is "down", finding time to access it again is problematic. The professor for this particular course is highly motivated, interested in the students success and that is sensed even through "cyberspace". For the non-traditional student who is busy working, raising a family, or is geographically challenged, using the computer is a wonderful opportunity to pursue an education. I think more courses should be offered using this format.

I feel Internet classes for me are a joke. I discovered this when I took an Internet class last Spring semester. I realize for some people it is good, but not for all. I strongly disagree that this class should be required as only an Internet class. Also, the work asks too much of us students. It's like just because we don't meet in a classroom that we have more time to spend in this class. We still have other classes that are far more important than this one. Honestly, I feel this class is a joke! A waste of my time and a dishonest way of getting more money from students. Also, group projects just don't work with the Internet, that should be abolished. I learn less in my Internet classes than any other class I have ever had and yet I pay more for these classes than a class taught by a professor face to face, hands on experience.

I love the text we are using. My problem is I work the night discussion takes place. I really miss interacting with the other students and the teacher. He's great about getting back to me, but I still feel out of the loop, so to speak.

WebCT is convenient and it is helpful that I don't have to attend class. However I feel that I am not gaining much knowledge by doing this course.

The course lends itself to the web based format but the instructor has, in my opinion, done a terrible job of communicating the goals of the course and the materials being instructed.

I'm enjoying this class immensely. I've turned wasted Internet time into something useful and productive. Many other adults are interested in this form of education. You need to get the word out . . . Also, the online interaction, assignments, quizzes, etc. are much more stimulating and interesting than the print-based class I'm taking now.

I plan to take more courses on-line. I do not think that I would enjoy using chat rooms, as they are hard to follow along. This instructor uses the bulletin board and it works out great. I thoroughly enjoy this on-line course and the instructor has a refreshing personality.

The only problem I have with this course is that the server is often very slow and it can take forever (up to 3-5 minutes) for the bulletin board to load. I have only a 56k modem, but other web pages load much faster. This can make the course frustrating at times, and I must always set aside more time than should be necessary to do the activities because of this.

I am very impressed with the class so far. The instructor is a very knowledgeable person, and is very capable of sharing this knowledge with the class.

This course is by far better than the other course I took last semester. The teacher corrected everything by group. I like to learn my individual mistakes so I don't make them again.

I am really thankful for the DE classes. I don't know if I would have been able to achieve my goal of getting a college education without it. I am really happy with it. Thanks for providing it!!

I really like the instructor. She has made me look at the subject matter in a very different way. I can't believe that a subject that I had abhorred in High School I am really enjoying now. As for her response on the bulletin board, I know that if there is something that she needs to get across or emphasize, she will make a posting otherwise it would be silly for her to just say good, good, good.

I have another Internet course that is far less laborious. (To date, no quiz or exam is due). Out of the 6 classes I am taking this semester, this class requires an essay question and a quiz every week, coupled with a comprehensive exam every 3 weeks. Not to mention the required reading assignments weekly. Far too much work for a pre-requisite course!!!

I think classes online are great. As a mother, I'm taking classes while the kids are at school. As to not cut into the time with them. I take this online class. I will be doing it more this summer. It's a nice way to keep up your load when you don't have time to be away from home. Keep up the great Job!! Add more Classes.

So far, I would recommend this class to everybody. The teacher is great and it's a good way of learning!

I hate reading lectures, I mean, they are boring in person, but it's even worse to have to read them on the computer.

I really like the online course. The instructor responds really well to my questions and does so quickly. I especially like the bulletin board where I can not only answer the weekly questions the instructor has, but I can really communicate with my other students, almost more than in a real classroom. I like the online class!

Online courses are a different way of learning, can be very confusing at times but are a great way to take a class when you want a change.

The instructor has made most things very easy to understand and follow however I did receive 2 e-mails from her in response to my assignments that had a bitter tone to them that I didn't appreciate.

I have several Internet courses this semester, but as far as this instructor is concerned, I think she does a pretty good job. She supplies a lot information for the class. One just has to do the work, but that's what Internet courses are all about.

I feel that this instructor has done an excellent job with the online course. If it were not for her detailed instructions, I would be lost. The teacher makes the course.

I believe this class should not be taught on the Web. I find it very hard to figure out what is going on by just reading the text. I just wish I had someone to explain some of the concepts to me. When you e-mail the instructor sometimes he doesn't answer the question you asked or he answers it in a way that I don't understand. I want to reply "what do you mean by that" or "can you show me". This course is frustration to me because I am on my own. There is no one to work with and teamwork is discouraged. In the regular classroom setting, there are many opportunities to work in groups, much like a professional work setting. Overall, I just have a lot of questions that are difficult to ask and be answered through e-mail. I find it very frustrating.

I like the Internet course. It is nice to have a change, but sometimes I can get confused. My instructor is there to answer any questions I might have though. It's a great way to teach a class. The hardest thing is to be motivated enough to go to the computer everyday without a set time period. This also makes it less restricting though. Overall I really like it.

I highly enjoy the freedom of Internet courses because of my schedule. This course is popularly known as a difficult course in or out of the classroom and a good ten hours of studying a week is necessary. The only problem I have is learning easily from the text alone. If supplemental notes were given to break down the complexity of the book, it would be more interesting to learn the contents. Also, I find some of the quiz and test questions very complex to the point where one would have to memorize every word in the chapters. I do not want an easy class by any means, as I am holding an A so far. The professor is very punctual about responding to questions, and expects dedication. Internet courses have given me more discipline and better communication skills, but more importantly allowed me to return to school and receive a degree.

I would highly recommend this instructor to any student. She is concise and direct and always there when you need her. Even if she is out of state.

One thing I find particularly cumbersome is reading text and trying to view applicable graphics - it involves a continual up/down scrolling. A first-time Internet course user, I find it difficult to not have "class room" feedback from instructor to address questions and affirm that I am "actually getting it."

My instructor never answered an e-mail from me and I find it very difficult to get in touch with her. The time limit for the assignments is sometimes very hard to meet due to unforeseen problems with the computer and we get punished for that.

I would like to be able to print out the responses to the assignments without having to convert it to a word document.

I think this Internet course would work great if we had an instructor who cared. As an example, I've been trying to access some information on the site which the tech people say the instructor has to fix. I've asked her several times about it. Her response is "It works for me. I don't know why it doesn't work for you." (The tech folks have confirmed with me that it is not working). I think the rest works great (or, at least could, if there was adequate communication with the instructor).

Well in all I think the Internet course is a good tool for those who have a limited schedule but this should not be taken lightly because we in "cyber space" still have deadlines to keep up with. I think, personally, I might have done better with a course I knew a little more about. Then things would have flowed easier for me. Also there is a lot of paper to be printed out. I have almost decided to buy a second binder because there is so much. The class is set up in an organized manner with everything we could possibly need to be reached with the click of a mouse. I sometimes wish things like quiz grades were made available sooner than they are but I need to learn patience. And one more thing, the continued replies of the teacher and tutor are very much appreciated and needed on a daily basis.

Although the reading and assignments due seemed overwhelming at first, I am managing to keep up. The part where we have to have an online group project is not a good idea, since the reason so many people took this course was to fit it into a busy schedule. To find 4 people with the same schedule is not easy, and besides, 2 of the four in my group have dropped out! Otherwise it is a good way to fit in some extra units, but actually MORE time consuming than just attending a regular class would have been.

Internet courses seem to be more assignment intense then regular classroom courses. This fact would discourage me in the future from taking other Internet courses.

Having a procedure to follow if a student is taking a quiz or exam and encounters computer problems, this does happen, and is one of the major concerns of students.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to continue my education. Living in a rural area these options are very limited and I don' want to move my family. The instructors and the tech staff are phenomenal.

I like the flexibility of the online format, but when things go "wrong" during an online session, I still don't know what to do! On more than 2 occasions, the server froze during a quiz. Once, I logged off and it saved my place until the next day, and the other time it did not! The very first time I took a quiz, it didn't get submitted nor graded, even though I clicked the "submit" button. The "refresh" button does not always refresh the page. AND I wish it were mandatory for all instructors to offer the "take notes" feature.

Overall I enjoyed and learned from this course, however sometimes you had to open too many fields at once and the text was too far over on the screen to read for the course modules. It would have also been nice to have at least one essay quiz before the final so we would be able to "practice" since the final was given in essay format.

I have taken 8 courses over the Internet and I believe that the more informed that the instructor is about WebCT the better it is for the students. This professor seems to need some help with some of the aspects of this format. I would have him create links to assignments so that we can see what has been submitted and what is due. Also, there seems to be a problem getting the grades posted to us.

I have returned to school after many years of being out and struggling with a disability that necessitates my return to school. Plus the responsibilities of a family has made it difficult. Online courses have made it possible.

I have not taken any Internet courses in the past but I am very impressed with the format and the quality of the materials available. I have a feeling that most of the problems I have encountered have been a result of my lack of experience with using the Internet in this way!

There was too much info in the beginning, and I was VERY confused. Eventually, I figured it out. I believe that there can be a less confusing easier way to introduce how to use the WebCT.

The instructors all use the same titled pages for different things, and this is confusing. For example, one instructor may use the heading "Assignments" to provide a place to submit assignments (with assignments listed under course content), while another teacher has a list of assignments and due dates under "Assignments" and a list of slides or pictures under course content. This is very confusing, and if there were a standard of what was where, it would be much easier to keep track of information.

Online courses are great!

I like the fact that you get 2 chances on quizzes in my class. I wish all the courses were that way. Some may argue this makes it too easy. I disagree. You can't pass a quiz or exam if you haven't read the material.

I am taking two courses on the Internet. This is the first time for Internet courses and I really have enjoyed them. I get to do the work at my convenience and there is no travel time.

Mandatory chats are sometimes difficult since most web students are working students with time constraints. Chats work best with a day or evening times to select with only one being mandatory.

I am going to get my AA degree this fall, as a single mom of 6 in a rural area the Internet classes are perfect.

The amount of homework assigned is fine, but the deadlines are too close, pretty much every Wed and Sun. I don't mind doing the homework, but I took the Internet course to avoid schedule conflicts that the homework is causing. I'm not saying that less homework should be assign, but I do think multiple assignments should be due once a week, if not once every two weeks. That way, I could do the same amount of work, but more on my own time. In my previous class (not on the internet), 4 homework assignments were due every two weeks, and that worked out really well for me.

My instructor is always there to help everyone in our class and he makes us feel comfortable even when we are scared that we're totally stupid.

The instructor is great. I am thoroughly enjoying her class.

I love the idea of an online course. I think an online course is great for people in rural areas. I feel online courses are great for people who don't have enough time in a day to go to an actual college. I do however have problems with the instructions given by the instructor. I would like the instructions to be more clear and precise. I often have to guess at what the instructor wants as an assignment. In an online course I do not have the instructor in front of me so I can read body language and facial expressions. This would help me better understand what was being said and asked. I also found that after taking four online classes, that if given a chance of an online course vs. an actual classroom I would want an actual classroom with an instructor.

I think the Internet courses are an advantage to parents with small children. I really enjoy it!!!!

The instructor has a great syllabus, but the dates for assignments on the module assignments still have last semester dates. I love the course.

This is my first Internet class. It is definitely like a correspondence class. The difficulty with the class is that you are basically self taught and the computer can sometimes be a challenge. The good part is that you don't have to drive forever to go to class. It's a mixed bag to say the least.

The opportunity to take classes at home when you work full time and have children is wonderful. The only problem is I had to start the course late and I haven't been able to take a quiz yet because of problems with my site.

I have found this class to be very confusing. I am not sure how to correct my errors. I do not seem to get the information that I need. I enjoy taking the class on the Internet. I am in a community where I have no other options unless I leave home to do it, which would be anywhere from 60 to 100 miles.

My instructor is very good and kind, but WebCT technique is kinda bad. For example, when we take our tests, picture and graphics always cannot be loaded and always appear "the page cannot be displayed"

We were instructed to print out the exams, fill them out, then e-mail them to the instructor. It would be much more reasonable to "fill them out" on line, or to mail them through the regular mail.

I took 2 courses last semester and I love the freedom of Internet courses. The instructors made it clearer for me also because I was not that good with computers. The instructors I have this semester are a little different in that they don't answer my questions as quick as my other instructors last semester. I have also had to email both instructors several times just to get a response to my question. Also, the instructors are slower with getting notes up compared to last semester, whose notes for every chapter were available the first day. It's very hard to do homework if there aren't any instructions on whether or not to skip certain sections or problems. Even though I haven't enjoyed this semester as much as last semester, I will continue to take Internet courses because I wish so much to further my education and that is very hard to do with a job, husband, house, and eleven month old baby. I just hope that more teachers will be willing to take the time and offer Internet courses. There are still no English courses available through my school which baffles me.

When logging on to WebCT I find that the system is very slow when downloading the program. I don't know if this has something to do with my home computer or if the program is actually slow when logging in.

Important information i.e. quizzes assignments get lost in seemingly endless links or does not appear on home page as available. Also some links are totally useless

This class is still very confusing to me. I don't know where to look for assignments and due dates.

I think this is a great alternative for working people. I absolutely love being able to do college courses on the Internet.

The discussion area and the e-mail can get confusing at times especially when your taking more than one Internet class. It would be a lot easier if all the teachers used the exact same WebCT front page.

Overall, I like the program. Just do the homework and fax it in and show up for midterms and finals. It saves time not having to go to class every week, that is, if you can manage to learn the material mostly by yourself without an instructor in front of you.

The only thing I found extremely confusing was the reference to act 1, scene 2, closing on etc. and the whole relation to a play. Why not leave it basic and just have chapter reference? I also ended up having a few late assignments because the Learning Assignments were not very accessible. I had to hunt (literally) for it. I eventually found them and some other small glitches that I assume come from first time user abuse. Now, I understand but in the first few weeks I was totally lost and even my husband (a computer technician and database/website creator) noticed that there was an excess of information for the class.

I really enjoy WebCT courses. I find them to be less stressful and I feel that I actually learn more because I have the flexibility to decide the best time of day to work on the course.

I like the class. The instructor is doing a great job.

I love Internet courses. They make it so easy to go to school and work. I find it easy because I can do the work on my own time and even in my jammies. I love it.

I enjoy the Internet courses better than the courses that you attend. I do not seem to make it to those very often.

In the past, I have taken courses where we did meet in a mandatory meeting with the instructor. This worked out great and would be a good idea for this course, I believe. Also, I would like to see the instructor take more time to offer maybe another chat session per week. More information in regards to websites and recommended readings would also be helpful.

I work full time, and am trying to get through school. By having classes I can do on my own time, I am able to go full time to school as well. It is a wonderful way to do classes.

So far, it has been a great experience. The only things that provide any confusion are only due to my not reading the directions well enough.

This class is a very good example to take from. The instructor has a lot of material to cover and very organized WebCT course.

This on-line course is awesome. At first I found it very difficult to keep up with the assignments. I sometimes find myself rushed to get my things

completed and done on time, but through what I have learned in this course I am gaining control of my life and all of a sudden I'm not so stressed out any more.

WebCT is a good program, but the new version is obviously designed for larger screens and faster computers, so when I sit down at home it takes literally forever to do anything. The fixed frames drive me nuts as sometimes I end up with only 2-3 inches of space to read the class notes. This is not the only Internet course I'm currently taking and I have to say that this is probably the most organized one I've ever taken. The instructor has everything together and the way she uses the announcements area to keep us up to date is very effective. On the other hand in one of the other courses I'm taking we never receive instruction via the instructor, or updates on what's going on, reminders etc. I feel lost and very alone in that class. I think it's essential that interaction occurs even in Internet courses, they may be on the Internet, but that does not mean independent study. Also with regards to text, I should be required that it be a printable color. I've had Internet courses where the screen text was yellow, or even white with a black background, and in order to print it I had to always change the settings which just proved to be irritating more than anything else. I think Blue/Black is best.

I love having the option of the Internet. Life can get so hectic and this actually takes a load off.

This web class is turning out to be a bad experience because the professor doesn't explain things in his own words. All he does is say the same things that are already in the book and it doesn't help because students need some sort of rewording. If not then what would a professor be for? We might as well just try to learn on our own by reading the text only.

I find the Web-CT layout to be cumbersome and difficult to follow. There was no real introduction on how to use the functions (the Bulletin Board or mail system) in the beginning of the class. The description given for the quizzes is very informative, but when I took the quiz, the timer didn't function correctly and I had no idea how much time was left. However, my biggest complaint is that the instructor does not use lectures or any other teaching methods. It is very hard to pick-up on the aspects the instructor thinks are most important when the instructor does not give any input. The Web is a great resource and the instructor has access to lots of tools such as websites, articles, research databases, company profiles and more. The textbook should not be the primary tool in any class, especially not an online class. Additionally, the test didn't seem to focus on concepts described in the book, but on obscure facts. I have always enjoyed Internet classes because they have so much more to offer than a regular classroom. However, my experience in this class has not been as positive.

I am taking two classes through WebCT and one class is extremely poor in its design. I have had nothing but problems when accessing it.

The teacher is very hard to get a hold of. I would like to meet him in person and clear up some questions that I have on assignments. Some of the students just submit them on the chat but that makes your question or statement public information. Some things don't need publicized.

I find this course to be fairly easy to do over the Internet. Considering that I have never taken a course over the Internet and wasn't sure what to expect, I find it to be fun and very user friendly and I like it a lot. I would consider taking other courses over the Net as well.

This particular instructor is very adept at using WebCT. She knows what she is doing and makes herself very accessible. She posts class notes before class, which helps greatly in following along without typing notes during class. The biggest problem with this and all other Internet courses I have taken is the Net congestion and buffering problems. They interfere with the lectures several times each class, and I either have to miss some of the content or view the archive later, which takes up valuable time. The navigation of the archives is poor also. The tech support is mostly by students who are often unable to solve problems. All in all, I love having WebCT courses. Otherwise, I would not be able to complete my education, as I live quite a distance from campus. It has been a real plus for me!

The drop box is very hard to use. I submitted a test on it and it said that it went through and the teacher never received it. It happened to numerous people in my class.

I am returning to college for the first time in many years. The instructor has made it easy for me with two young children by allowing to be on the Internet. Internet classed will help me get further by taking them at home. I can still feed my kids, help them with there homework etc. I also live 1 hour from campus...saves travel time. I hope that all of my will be on the web. It will be helpful with kids and all.

I had never taken on-line courses before and this semester took all of them this way and it was traumatic to me because I had no idea what I was doing. For three weeks I was extremely stressed out because I didn't know how to use the WebCT and it was awful for me. I finally figured it out but felt that I had wasted so much time that first month. Now it seems easy to me and I do well, but it would've been nice even though I probably wouldn't have wanted to, that there would have been a mandatory class for first time users to explain the entire system.

Actually this Internet course is great, its just that many of the examples given to us, which are a lot, do not match up with what homework we have and it can get frustrating if maybe you waited until the night before to do the homework and don't have enough time to email the instructor. This reflects on our homework grades. Other than that it's great!

It took me a few days to get the hang of WebCT and having an online class, but now I think that the idea of classes available online is a wonderful idea. The freedom of working on it when you want leaves so many more possibilities open in comparison to the traditional classroom course!

There needs to be some info addressing how you go about getting a online class and how to get started once you are enrolled like something telling you that you need a user id and password would help. Also instructors should be a little flexible on the work the first week or two for people who are not familiar with this type of class. Instructors shouldn't put graphics behind text because when it is printed not everyone is able to print in color and it makes it hard to read the text especially when it is black text over dark gray graphics. If an instructor plans to have chats part of the grade where you have to be online at certain times it should be stated in the catalogue. Also I don't think in some courses a mandatory chat should be a part of your grade when it is just there for people to get help basically from the teacher. Also not everyone needs help every week with their homework nor do they have the time to spend chatting and that is also a reason for getting online classes.

I'm currently taking (6) online classes, and 4 out of 6 classes have started late. The instructors are poor at responding to questions on the bulletin board. In one of my classes, everyone is asking the same question because we are all confused, and the excuse we received from the instructor is to be patient because she is not computer savvy. This is discouraging for a lot of people including myself. I took (5) online classes last semester and didn't have quite as many problems as this semester. I think everyone should be utilizing the WebCT on the same level. It is apparent that not all the instructors are computer literate. Not trying to complain, I'm just voicing my opinion.

This is my first Internet class and it seems to be going pretty good so far. It makes you learn on your own.

I believe this instructor does a very good job in working with the students. He responds very quickly.

I think the WebCT system is an excellent system for Internet classes. It allows me to understand everything clearly and it is flexible

I would just like to say that taking this course has been an extremely enjoyable experience thus far. The teacher has done an outstanding job of instruction in the lecture notes. They are directly related to the quizzes and tests. To me personally, he believes in the idea of learning and not overwhelming the student, he gives ample chances to learn the information required for the course.

If someone thinks that an Internet course is easy they need to talk to someone who is taking it. It is making it possible for me to go to school and work full time. You have to be very focused and keep up on the work. I am taking 12 credits all on line and work full time. I am also a single Mom with 2 teenagers, so if I can do it many other people can too. It serves a huge group of people who could not go to classes and live their lives.

The only thing that I don't like about on-line class is that our class has to do a field trip on our own "volunteer" time. Those of us who are taking on-line classes don't have the time or the desire to do that sort of activity.

This course is excellent and should be offered more often in later semester. It is both educational and informative.

I love online courses, I would really like to see this expand. For some of the classes with labs...how about if the teacher (or helpers or aides or actual students) do the labs on TV (or video) and the online students could do the lab write ups from home, online! I realize this wouldn't work for everything but it would work for lower level and simple labs.

Because of a family member's severe handicap, it is difficult for me to travel, so I was excused me from attending the mandatory meeting. However, I have a college degree and am comfortable with computers, so I felt I would not be at a disadvantage by not attending. I was correct.

The instructor is very fair. He gives you plenty of time to do your assignments. He really works with you. On the other hand he is a bit anal about punctuation and spelling; but I guess he is an English teacher and that is understandable.

I am unable to copy and paste from this class website due to the fact that I don't have a Word processing capability. My other class allowed me to use my computer's Word Pad capability. I found this to be very frustrating because I could not check my work for editing.

When taking quizzes, there seems to be problems when you punch your answers. For instance, the green star will be there, then when you go to the next question, all the green stars will turn back to red dots. After I punch my next answer, I will then be able to see all the green stars again, but then they go away again when going to the next question. This will continue all the way through the quiz. Then when I am done, I am asked the same questions again, starting all over again. Before I finally get my chance to get my score. I have had to take the quiz twice in a row to be able to complete each quiz, before I can put in for my request for a score. Sometimes my stars will be gone. Luckily, it has not affected my final score yet, but I am so confused of this process.

I really don't like the chats because the reason that I took an Internet class is for the purpose that I am unable to make it to class and even though the instructor gives more then one day for the chats, I just am very turned off buy them. I feel that if I have problems with the course that is when I will discuss them, but until then I just am very uncomfortable with them.

I am finding the basic format is study and test, study and test. I do believe other methods of instruction can be used on the Internet. Both of my Web classes have basically the same format with a little different assignment formats. There is so much more on the Internet that can be used in learning the subject areas. I would enjoy being encouraged to seek out information from sources other than the text and applying it in some relevant manner.

I feel some classes are very difficult to take over the Internet. These classes should be taught in a classroom/lecture environment. However, Internet classes are an excellent way for those who cannot attend classroom lectures to take a particular class.

Internet courses are a welcomed tool for working individuals to earn a higher education.

This is my first experience and I've been confused with how the process works. There have been problems with the server too. Sometimes I've received replies from the instructor on technical questions and sometimes not.

I am enjoying the freedom that Internet courses allows me. I was quite confused at the start but am proud of the strides I have made both in the class and on the computer. Even though this class is as much or more work than standard classroom instruction, I will take more Internet classes in the future.

I am disappointed in the visual portion of the Web classes. Most of the computer screen contains a logo, a small one inch square contains a poor picture of the professor, when it is there. I don't see any possibility of viewing a video in these circumstances. The curriculum is excellent and the professor is well prepared. The isolation on the web class is great. It is difficult to "chat" with total strangers. I realize I am not the norm in this.

My instructor has made this a learning and enjoyable experience. I am glad to have the opportunity to take classes from the comfort of my home, without which I might have had to put off going to college for

I am really enjoying these on line classes. There is a lot of freedom that you do not get in a classroom scenario.

I like the course because I am able to do the work without time conflicts with my other classes. Moreover, I am learning something in this course; more than my correspondence course. However, the chat rooms are pointless because every time I get on, no one is there. It seems unless you have mandatory "chat times" the efforts are in vain. And a "chat time" would contradict the reason why I took this course, that being there is NO CLASS TIME!

I think the whole interface of WebCT is boring. It needs to be spiced up just a tad bit to make it seem interesting and appealing to users. I know you have to be careful about bandwidth but WebCT currently is much too lacking of appeal. The e-mail function is very confusing. There is no easy way to get around it. It takes about 3 clicks on 3 different pages to be able to delete old messages. The discussion forum also is pretty hard to navigate.

Am encouraged to seek outside help when the help the instructor gives me is not explained clearly or I ask it to be explained more than a few times. Also the material on the test is not similar to any of the problems covered in lecture or homework so it is hard to relate what I've been doing to what is expected on the test.

With all the other stuff going on in my life, especially other classes and work, that is why it seems that there is a lot of work. I think that the instructor is great. Sometimes I need a lot more explaining then he says in his lessons. But he is easy to get a hold of and he emails me back immediately to help me out.

This is my first time in using Distance Education to do school work, however when I jumped in I decided to jump in head first and take 3 classes. This was not bright on my part because I was VERY confused at first and since all of my instruction is done by reading over the computer. All of the instructions for the 3 classes were all starting to blend together. When I e-mail the professor to tell him that I was feeling lost and asked him if I could spend just a few minutes with him on the phone, his reply came back to me in a matter of a few hours. I was on the phone with him for my oral directions that very evening. He made it very comfortable for me to be able to feel that I could go to him with questions, and that no question was silly. Since that time I have taken advantage of that and I have e-mailed him often with questions. He has ALWAYS e-mailed me back right away with very clear answers, and each time he as reiterated that I am always welcome to ask anything. His quick and thorough answers, as well as his help to make me feel comfortable with the course, have made this class a pleasure. If I had to pick at something, and this would be minor, is that I wish there were graphics, or animation, or something that would make each classes web page come alive and separate from the rest. This would help folks like me who are taking more than one class, to distinguish better between one class and another.

After I learn all the ends and outs of this course, I will be willing to try another online course in the future.

I have 2 Internet courses and I love it. This is the first semester that I have tried them and I will take more next semester.

I enjoy using WebCT for my class. For one thing, it saves a lot of time. It's very convenient especially for those who work, or have children. I strongly recommend taking classes over the Internet.

I love WebCT and distance learning. :) Though video quality could be better.

I appreciate being able to take this course on line!

The class required the use of Microsofts Excel which I did not at first have on my home computer. (Microsoft products can be expensive. Microsoft "Office" can cost $500). I would like the class to have practice tests before the actual test that counts for a grade. A student could both get used to the WebCT format and get more acquainted with the subject material. After the practice test, the instructor could go over questions and problems from the practice test. This would be a preparation for the real test. I would also like the class to use animated cost graphs and financial statements. The animation could show which line is revenue, which line is cost, where the contribution margin is, and relate the graphs to the financial statements.

I have really enjoyed this course. Although I had hoped for a little more input by the instructor, it hasn't affected my enjoyment or learning in this course.

This course is the best managed of my 3 courses and my mother's other 2.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and the instructor. She has been a peach to deal with and I would recommend her to anyone.

This is the first on-line course that I have taken and the instructor has been wonderful. I will definitely take more classes on-line and I can only hope the instructors will be this good.

Our teacher does an excellent job at making sure we understand the Internet class. If we have any problems she solves them as fast as she can and works with us in any way she can.

The Internet courses are GREAT! The only comment I have about the course is that the website is very complex, and requires switching between the "class site" and the WebCT site - it is annoying to have to log into both. The instructor is obviously highly organized and has tried to make it easy to go to exactly what you need, however the site could be just as effective without being complex. Most excellent course, I am being challenged and held accountable for learning something here.

I enjoy being able to watch the archives whenever I feel like it. The best time is late at night when not many people are on. Learning on the Internet saves a lot of time and hassle of finding a parking spot and I enjoy listening to the instructor and interacting with questions if needed.

Decent system, tough class, but that is none of the systems fault. It works for what it is designed to do.

I love this format. As a busy adult and parent, this gives me the ability to take classes and learn at the schools pace, but at my convenience (when the kids sleep, at the office, etc.)

I am always a little confused about when the assignments should be completed relative to the reading that has been done. It is also a little confusing to know what material (from which chapters) will be included on the tests.

Being that this is my first web class, I did have a little difficulty getting started. When I got the hang of it, it became a breeze. Now, it is just a matter of doing the work and keeping on top of deadlines.

I enjoy this class. I sometimes get lazy but that is easily taken cared of when I think of the "F" that I would get. Procrastination plays a big role. Overcoming that is becoming easier. The hours are great. The only downfall for me is that I do not have a computer at home. I do my work at school. In a sense that can be good because I have more time to spend with my daughter and get her to her activities and to study for my other classes.

I think MORE courses should be offered on the Internet. Most of the courses are limited, but it would be nice to have a larger selection of classes.

The most frustrating problem I have encountered repeatedly the first month of each semester is when info is put onto the website incorrectly or assignments do not get in as the instructor requests. This causes usually a week to two weeks delay if I want to try to get a head. I think certain icons should be universal for each class others can be more creatively used according to the instructors organization styles.

I enjoy the Internet courses because they allow me more freedom but the syllabus information is often from a previous semester with dates changed, sometimes correctly and sometimes not. When I have a question, sometimes I don't get an answer and I really dislike the peer review required in these classes. I'm NOT a professor and feel extremely uncomfortable in critiquing someone else's work and I feel equally uncomfortable having someone critique mine.

I really think that Internet courses are a wonderful way to complete my college education. I think more classes should be offered!

The instructor is excellent. He gives us examples of how we are supposed to do certain assignments so that we understand them better.

I think that having courses available on the Internet is wonderful!! I have a 6 month old baby that I am staying home with and it is great to be able to get some classes taken while I am with him. I also live out of town so it saves me a lot of driving!

I have never taken an online course before, so I thought I would try it. I love it so much, and it is so easy and convenient for me that I will be taking more of them next semester.

I thoroughly enjoy the Internet courses I am in currently and have been in the past. I definitely believe that the WebCT setup is getting better and better. When I first started using WebCT it was a little cumbersome. I would really like to see more courses offered via the Internet.

Our instructor is one of the best instructor I've had. She has put a lot of effort in the web pages making it very informative (grades, calendars, etc.) and user friendly. The book she's written, the tasks she assigns, and the style she uses to teach this course has helped me tremendously so far and this style of teaching is what makes an Internet class worthwhile.

The Web server is slow and crashed during chats.

Great class so far, I enjoy and rely on Web CT courses as my primary way of going to school. Without this avenue to further my education I would have little options left! Please continue this and other classes!

I've enjoyed the class and the ability to take it while at home but I miss the classroom experience.

Being that I live an hour away from the college, it is really nice to have a course that I can do at home.

I have found that this is a good course...homework assignments are slightly overwhelming at times, and essays are controversial with no other options that might not be as controversial, but I will adjust to it. I am currently planning on using the WebCT courses for most of my college career. Well, whatever classes are available online. I'm very impressed with the selection of classes available in Internet courses as well.

I can't participate during chat time because I'm working during that period.

The amount of work is too much for this class. But I don't see how the class can be taught without things to do. The weak area in this class is the amount of reference material. If we have a question that we aren't able to ask the teacher, it would be nice to have an area in the web site for sites with up-to-date help.

I only wish there were more on-line courses. I think that using these types of courses IS NOT RIGHT for everyone. Some seem to think that everything should be done for them and that they can "get away with" not knowing too much about computers. I think this is wrong thinking and that it should be emphasized to web class participants that they should be legitimately proficient in the use of computers, before trying to tackle a course. They should be able to spend their time on the course material and not on trying to figure out the technology!

This semester I am taking 3 web courses. I have taken a total of 7 and overall it is great. For the most part the instructors have been helpful and understanding. The connecting problems are the most frustrating. I feel that I am getting a great education that I could not get, living in a rural area, any other way!

I am really enjoying this class as I love the subject and it makes me schedule my time around the assignments.

I enjoy the format for this class and the instructor is excellent. He is always available for phone consults and is very encouraging.

I absolutely do not like the idea of Internet classes. I understand they are good for some people, but not for me. I forget to "go to class" since there is no formal class. I get no reminders for assignments, and it isn't always clear when they are due. Some may say I need to be more responsible for myself, but I know how I learn best, and that is from one-on-one interaction from teacher and peers. I only took this class online because it is not offered any other way and it is required for my major.

I had a very difficult time connecting to my web TV from a public library computer... in fact not being able to connect quickly and easily caused me to miss a deadline for a test.

Very, very convenient for those persons much like myself whom are very occupied with daily work and tasks which take time away from the ability to physically attend a class setting. The only down side is...one cannot see the whiteboard/blackboard examples/instruction.

I don't know the computer very well and when I have a question its hard for me to get in touch with the instructor.

I personally think its harder to keep track of the assignments due because you don't go to class daily!

I looooooove this online class. Please offer more courses in this format--especially business courses. The only real problem I had was in using the "drop box" in submitting my assignment online. More detailed instructions would have been helpful and appreciated.

My husband and I had never taken a course at the College. When we enrolled we had no knowledge of the terms used. It would be helpful to meet at least one time to explain for beginners the keyboard and basic functions. When we would go to the Lab some of the techs did not understand the objective of the lesson and were not familiar with the course, thus we spend time explaining to them what we were doing. We were lucky and had two days to catch up. A glossary of terms and professional techs would enhance the experience.

I first made the decision to take Internet courses because of my work schedule, I also thought they might be easier (I would be able to not study and just use my book when it was quiz time.) Well, I found out that if you don't read the required material, the book won't do you much good. Internet courses require the same dedication if not more than in-class courses. They require a disciplined student, who simply needs a more flexible meeting schedule.

One suggestion that I have is about the print-out of the exercises. If I had the print-out of the exercises, it would have made my studies much easier. I am a full-time employee and do not have time to go to the library to print the answers to the questions and I cannot print those long pages at work, either. Perhaps, they can be sold at the beginning of the course on an optional basis.

My instructor has made this online course very easy to follow and he has a great sense of humor. I have never met him, but I feel like I know him.

The online course is very good, the audio and text are good. The graphics showing tables from the book are unreadable.

The quizzes are challenging and make me learn, but I am making an appt with one of the science teachers at the high school that I work at, because the project makes no sense to me. The instructor has written to people in the bulletin about how it's done, but I still need to see an example.

Would like more feedback about assignments and grades, although this format is better than the email only classes.

It is difficult finding sites that are not connected directly to the WebCT such as for the test questions or links to class notes

I find Internet courses very convenient. It is nice to be able to work and not have to go on campus sometimes. However, anyone who takes an Internet course must be ready for the responsibility to meet deadlines and not to procrastinate. I learned this the hard way when I took my first computer course.

I feel the course should allow one week for all assignments rather than 5 days (M-F). Most classes allow this. If you have a class on Wednesday the assignment isn't due until the following Wed. giving you 7 rather than 5 days. Also I think the case study is unclear as to how to do it, and thus far the instructor has offered only "read the case study info" as help. Well, we have read it and we still don't understand.

I think that Internet courses are the perfect thing for the modern working adult in the 21st century.

I love this Internet class. It gives me time to go to work and still get some schooling in. The only thing I have a hard time with is when tests come up. I wish there were a peer review on the test. I learn a lot more when reviewing with aids or teachers.

The only confusion point is the naming of the discussion area, bulletin board. This WebCT format is superior to the first Internet course I took, and the live chats contribution to learning

This course has been great. The instructor is wonderful, and the course is fun, and very instructive. It has been more interactive than any other course I have taken. Actually, the best. I feel confident of the instructor and the material.

I'm currently in two web based courses and had two last fall. Much of the problems have arisen from poor Internet connections (dealing with buffering and sound problems) and instructors requiring online testing and electronic submission of papers (including for those physically in class). I can't help but think that the distance folk are getting shortchanged when they lose connection during a live class or when their papers are lost in webland (that did happen to me last semester. You can imagine my surprise when I didn't receive a paper back and my instructor assumed I hadn't done it. Yikes!

Classes via the Internet are a god-send and all my instructors have been absolutely wonderful! This has been a very good experience.

I really enjoy having a class over the Net. It allows you to work at your own pace. I do think it is a bit harder to get information if you have a question on an assignment though.

This is the first Internet course I have ever taken. I wish there were more courses that were offered this way. Since I work and have a family, I appreciate the flexibility of time. I can log onto my computer for as little as a half an hour, or for many hours at a time. Also, I save on gas, I don't have to fight the college crowds or worry about parking. In addition, I avoid speaking in front of the class--that I like!

I like the idea of using my computer to take a class. It is convenient and easy to do. I learn the same as if a teacher was there teaching me. I have had a few problems but they were no big deal. I think that the sites could be a little more colorful and animated. It seems too plain. Overall, I think the WebCT course is a great idea and I have enjoyed learning over the Internet.

I have been frustrated with this class because all the assignments have been spread out and I never know which assignments are due and when.

I like being able to take classes online, because there are no colleges close to where I live. I would be in class if I could be there. I wish there where more classes available for me to take. I love math and cannot find any math classes.

WebCT is very 3rd world. It is down a lot and it's email is difficult to use. I asked my instructor for his regular email address and when I tried to email him there to explain a problem I was having I got a return mailer. He has not emailed me to see how it is going. I am trying to play catch up because the bookstore sent me the wrong book which put me 2 weeks behind and it doesn't seem like my instructor cares.

I really enjoy the WEBCT courses and I would like to see a lot more variety so that I can take my classes and still be home with my family and work at my own pace

I have taken several Internet courses, other than this course utilizing WebCT. I love them, and find them very convenient and informative.

The Internet class is a great idea to have available for students who aren't able to come to the university, or for those on campus who do well with Internet classes. I am a student on campus and was required to take this course on line- no live class option. I have a hard time with this course- fitting it into my schedule when I don't "have to go," and finding out about what is going on. Somehow I am often in the dark as to when things are happening, due and what we need to attend. It's just confusing and I prefer the regular live class over this style.

It is hard to understand some of the e-mail problems (attachments). The biggest problem I see is gaining access to the Internet whenever I want to.

Overall I like using the Net for class and appreciate the instructors using it.

Need video & audio presentations for this course. Need to set 2 or 3 certain periods of time during the week that we can meet the instructor in the chat room to ask questions.

I love going to class in my PJ's! Learning over the Internet is great!

The instructor has not given us sufficient information for our assignments and tests. Online classes would be much better if there was more information given on the topic being taught. I think more people would do it if they knew they would learn just as much as if they were in a classroom.

Overall, the course has not been as bad as I thought it could be. It seems to makes sense most of the time and is all right.

There is more than one student using this computer, so we find it annoying that we have to restart the computer to log in to WebCT under a different user.

I love using the WebCT.

The instructor has made this class very understandable. Was given course syllabus on first day and knew what was going to be expected of me.

I love the convenience of taking classes on online at home. The courses that apply to my degree are a plus, and I wish more classes would have this option.

It is very hard to follow the prompt buttons {mail, chats, etc.} because my other course is set up entirely different from this course and in my mail it is next to impossible to delete messages so I can see the mail I do need to complete assignments. It's very frustrating.

I have found my experience with Internet courses to be very disappointing. The instructors have usually never taught the course before nor have they taught on the Internet. The course is being written one week ahead of the students. Having participated in software development projects and writing the training manuals for the software, I have found this to be unprofessional. Text and assignments are put on the web site with no beta testing of links or proof reading of textual materials. My experience has been that the instructor does not have a PC at home or has a very outdated one that cannot handle the software or the Internet. Communication has been poor and confusing with feed back being nonexistent. Assignments are not graded for weeks after they are turned in. Additionally the assignments have usually been nothing but busy work with the course materials just brushing the surface of the subject matter. I have felt like I am taking a high school level course instead of college level. They only positive comment I can make about my Internet courses is that they enable me to eliminate hours sitting in a classroom and I can work on my assignments any time day or night.

I really like the idea of online courses. I have taken an online class before, and really enjoyed it, that is why I did it again. The one problem I have with the current course, is the load of class work. I am working two jobs and have little time to spare. I know that if I had taken this course on campus, I would have the same workload. I feel that the professor is doing a great job, but I think he is expecting a lot from his students. The university that I attend advertises online class as an alternative for the working family, so that you can still work on getting your degree even if you are not living in the city where the college is located. So I think that the professors need to take a look at their target market of those who are enrolling in the online courses.

I love this course. It should be a model for some other Internet courses out there.

I thought taking an Internet course was going to be really easy and it is anything but. I really do like the manner our instructor teaches in. It forces me to learn the information and she makes it extremely interesting. The actually WebCT can be pain sometimes though.

I HATE Internet courses. I forget about them and I am an audio- visual learner and if I have questions I want to be able to ask the teacher and hear her voice.

I'm currently taking two Internet courses. I like them because they are a bit more flexible and easily fit into my schedule.

Our instructor has done an excellent job of setting up her web site. She has devoted much time to this and is to be commended.

I have a hard time knowing when graded assignments will be posted. I've checked several times and they aren't there. I begin to wonder if my instructor received them.

Using the WebCT and what the instructor has written for instructions are two different subjects. I have 2 more Web classes each is very different. I suggest that an evaluation survey be made on each instructor through the web and filled out at the end of the semester. Also new instructors to the distant learning program should be given some instructions in what works and does not work and in better communication skills. Since the instructor and student do not interface to face on a regular bases.

I'm not sure if the final must be done in person or can be done on the computer. I have been given information for both ways and don't know which is correct.

I was very worried because of the size of the text we were required to read. Yet, the information has been understandable due to our course outline on the web and assignments that help us to understand the info. The instructor is great about sending our class e-mails that tie in with our subject matter; for instance, current news that is related to our chapter. He is quick to respond to my questions. He also encourages interaction between students, by the use of responses to their questions and journal submissions. So far this has been my most enjoyable class online!

I took this course with little knowledge of Internet resources. I wish I would have taken introduction to the Internet first. It may have helped. I am very frustrated because I am so far behind and I don't know what I am doing. I realize this course is very important and can be very interesting to me if I ever get off the ground.

The instructor is wonderful. I wish he would give us a little more time on quizzes, and the person in charge of his department make up there minds on how they want him to teach it. It is too hard to be told to do something one way then turn around and be told to do another way. Please make up your mind.

This particular course is well structured and easy to follow. The subject of the course is perfect for the Internet medium as the Internet is a great part of the material covered. My previous course was more challenging to get through, but it was business communication and would have lent itself better to classroom instruction.

The biggest problem I had with this course/experience is that I didn't get registered with the online office, due to my schools lack of knowledge on how to register students for online courses. So it took the main office a full month to find the problem and contact me and my school so they could correct the problem.

This is the first web course that I have ever taken. I had some initial computer frustrations. And most recently I have had a difficult time in getting my answers and student responses to post. The discussion page for my class can be a jumbled mess. To reach the discussion area you may chose several options depending on the chapter you are working with. When I click on the actual responses for the chapter we are working on, they are displayed in an unclear and jumbled manner. I usually have to go to the main page and display all of the discussions from the beginning. Presently I feel that this is poorly organized. I feel the instructors offer good input but it is limited. I would like to see my instructors getting more involved with the discussion. When a university introduces a web class, usually the instructors are also learning. This can be difficult since instructors may not be able to walk you through common technology problems. They also did not make the website ...which may make it difficult to answer questions. Certainly, I understand that web courses are pretty new and changes are necessary. My husband is a computer professional and he does not believe that they are set up in a manner that allows the material to flow. He has helped me a good number of times to post information etc. and the set up is rather confusing to him as well.

An Internet courses requires a lot of motivation on the student's part, which is fine with me, but it is harder when you pretty much have to learn everything yourself. My only 2 gripes: technical difficulties can be common, and also being required to participate in 10 chat sessions is a drag and unnecessary--you should only have to do it when you need it. Otherwise, things are great!

For my first web course experience it has been most positive.

We can't learn from our mistakes with WebCT. When I submit my assignments I get a grade but NO feedback. My WebCT teacher last semester was awful. She let chats go on and on about nothing related to the assignment. She'd give important information about the assignment during the chat and then never post anything about it to the people who missed the chat. My opinion is that you'd better know your subject pretty well if you're going to take a WebCT course because the instructors don't understand what it's like to learn this way.

This course is great!!! I just have to utilize my time correctly

This instructor is by far one of the most responsive instructors I've had. I know that if I send her something in the evening, she'll respond to it by mid-morning the next day. I've really enjoyed her class.

I would like to know who else is in this class or at least how many students there are. Communication is strictly one-on-one with the instructor. We do not know who any of the other students are. Knowing other students in the course would be helpful for getting some help with the course assignments.

It would be nice if we could get feedback on questions we missed during the exam. I can't even find which ones I missed. Whenever I contact the instructor on the phone I am given the impression that he doesn't want to deal with me because I'm in the Internet course. If I pay the same amount then I should be treated the same as the other students.

We do have to e-mail the instructor frequently. I think this is an excellent way to keep up with the student and also allows the student to keep in contact with the instructor on a continual basis. I enjoy this Internet course, and to my surprise am learning a lot. I was shaky about taking an Internet course at first, because I am used to taking a live class and didn't know if I could learn a whole lot from an Internet course. But, I definitely am.

I feel that this class is not coming even close to meeting my expectations. I am very frustrated with the course and a little upset that it is going to lower my G.P.A. I know that I would have done well in this class in a normal classroom setting. I worry that the teacher feels that the students are out of sight therefore out of mind.

I only took this course because it was required for my degree, but this has been my favorite course out of the five classes that I have taken. I really like the textbook, it has so many stories in it about real people. I really appreciate the way the instructor always gets back to me quickly, and she is very encouraging, and positive. She wants the students to learn the material and will help in any way she can. She let me re-take a quiz that I had failed, so I went back and study the material some more and re-took it. If I hadn't had the chance to re-do the quiz, I wouldn't have gone back to study that chapter, and not learned the info very well. I have taken my other courses online, and they have been a nightmare for me to access on line, this course has gone so much better!

Last semester WebCT had a lot of problems I felt. This semester though, I have had a pretty easy time. The only problems I have had is that sometimes on my home computer the email page doesn't come up all the way, failing to display the attach command and basically anything. I have to send it with a bogus address causing it to error and then all the options will display????

I have taken about 4 Internet courses and I love them! I have 3 children and a husband who demand most of my time, so this is my only alternative. Without the Internet courses, I would not be able to finish my education!

I think the instructor does a very nice job without this, but the people in charge of getting material to us before the class starts was bad. They thought we would understand what to do just by the course catalog and not sending us some additional info for that class which was DESPERATELY needed. I didn't know any of it until I contacted the teacher!

I appreciate the opportunity to take my classes in this manner, that way I am able to be around home more and yet continue with my education.

It's been an enjoyable experience. I look forward to more opportunities for web course study!

The format of the bulletin board is lengthy and unorganized. Trying to find responses that are specific to a problem requires me to read each one.

The class is good so far. Unfortunately my new position at work sends me on business trips unexpectedly. So homework and reading has become a challenge. Even with the short time I've enjoyed the class.

The teacher's instructions for assignments are always clear and understandable. She always helps if I have a problem with any assignment.

The only problem I have had with WebCT is the double click. Every time you click on something it registers the click at least twice so the back button on your browser doesn't work as well as it could.

The layout of the web courses is good, however, I find it hard to find messages from the instructor amongst all of the students messages. When assignments or extra credit is added I would like to be notified in a different manner. Other than that the only struggle is to find the time to take the tests and complete the assignments.

I love Internet classes, it teaches you a lot about yourself and about the subject content

This format of class has allowed me to continue my education, after an accident that made me switch careers. Also distance learning has been helpful because we live over 40 miles from the college, and the compute is down the mountain.

This is my first time taking an Internet class. I'm also taking another one at this time. The instructor has helped me so much. I can e-mail her and she will respond quickly. Even though I never meet her, I feel very comfortable with asking her questions pertaining to homework. She is a wonderful caring lady that wants to help out the best she can. I'm really glad I took this course with her.

Being able to reach the professor at all times with questions is really a big help also being extra patient is a must for those of us who need to control their computer.

My instructor in this course is very helpful.

I feel that the students that enroll in Internet courses and telecourses do so because of their busy work and family schedules. I think the time a student has to finish the course should be longer than that of a regular student going to class. I am having to drop this class mainly for this reason.

The only thing I find aggravating is the way we have to submit our assignments to get our grades.

With not being so familiar with the computer the course has been more difficult than a normal lecture course, but it is great for those of us who need to continue to work through school.

I would like to take more online courses in the future, but would appreciate it if the instructors gave more detailed instructions on how to use the WebCT system. Also, I find typos to be distracting.

The class is very easy to follow and instructor is very helpful with suggestions. Instructor also posts to discussion board.

My instructor for one course is very helpful and patient with those of us who have not taken a web course. She seems to have done this before. My other instructor has not and she is in the same boat we are and is learning with us which is not bad, but the communication does become a bit fuzzy and people end up frustrated or missing assignments. I suggest a training course or a short class to help new WebCT teachers learn throughout their web classes and not seem so lost.

I like the course and instructor, the only thing that's a little difficult are the quizzes. Other than that every thing's fine. The professor does a great job in reaching out to us. I personally have a good quiz average so I'm pleased.

I understand this is the instructor's first year at this. It can only get better.

I enjoy Internet courses. I can definitely learn on my computer at home.

WebCT's help section isn't very helpful. There should be more detailed instruction on the sight about using the features.

WebCT was difficult to learn how to use at first, but after a few weeks it became easier. Although the instructor is a good teacher, I just wished he gave a few more examples that apply to the lesson.

The only problem so far with any of the Internet courses is that you don't have a relationship with your instructor. But these courses are just more convenient for me to take with my time schedule.

Online courses are difficult when you do not have the motivation to participate. Very similar to regular courses, both beneficial.

I am currently taking 3 online classes and am sorry to say that I am not satisfied with any of them. I am not impressed with the way that the classes are presented. The notes that I have been given for each class are pointless for the most part, as they do not single out the specifics that the instructor views as important. Instructors are not involved in discussions and do not seem to be concerned about whether or not things could be improved about their classes. All in all, it looks like an easy way for these instructors to get credit for teaching one more 3 credit class without doing much of anything. After my experience with these classes, I can only say that online classes have the potential to be a good alternative for students, but I am sorry to report that I will not be doing this again.

I haven't had as many difficulties with online classes as I am experiencing with this one. My teacher doesn't seem very friendly in his emails. He told me he provided me with certain things that I needed to make up an assignment and they weren't there. And he gave me no credit whatsoever even though the reason I couldn't turn it in was not my fault at all. If the professor puts link on the page, I'll click on a couple, but when I want to go back to the previous page it takes me all the way back to the course home page and I have to go through different sites to get where I was before. Online class is OK, I guess, but I'm debating if I want to take online class again or not.

I am still new to this whole Internet course thing. It seems to be going well, however I still prefer going to an actual class because the points of view are more easily understood and shared. Unfortunately, this class fit my schedule better this semester.

My main problem with the online courses thus far are the required chat times. This is very difficult to accomplish. I chose online courses because I cannot be someplace at one time all the time. I cannot make this up in most of my classes, and if I can make it up, it is also in a way that requires more time than I have available.

With limited PC knowledge, it took me two years to have the courage to sign up for an Internet class. I have got to say that it is one of the best classes to this point that I have taken. With working schedules as they are, it is difficult to find time to do homework during normal working hours. Early morning and late night sessions have really help me to be able to do the work and keep it up. I have really enjoyed this course and am looking forward to signing up for more Internet classes.

Would like to see a video of the instructor and would also be able to play the module from where I had originally stopped it.

Sometimes I feel that I put Internet courses off. I usually tend to do better with the Internet and the course lecture at the same time!

I like this class. It is better than the last class online I have taken. Last semester the class was full of problems.

Although this course requires discipline, I have found that Internet classes works well with my busy schedule. There is no excuse for me not to finish my bachelor's degree.

I would imagine that being an Internet teacher might be a challenge. However, either the school or teacher needs to be a little more in touch with the students who are not familiar with WebCT courses. I was still waiting to receive mail from the school two and a half weeks into the semester about how to log on to my WebCT Internet course.

This Internet class is equivalent to a regular on-campus class.

I really don't like WebCT because I am used to being taught by a person of flesh and blood in front of me. The course doesn't cater, not that it should, to audio learners. The teacher is okay, and the assignments aren't that tough, but overall I would rather have a classroom setting, or live chats or interaction between somebody and myself, be it the teacher or another student.

When we had our first test it was on Chapters 1-9, next we are going to have a final. I wish that maybe there could at least be a break down of three test. Since things are communicated by the teacher only through the chat, it was hard to study for the test because obviously not everything can be covered that may be in the test, and nine chapters was hard to study for. We were graded on a curve which helps but I strongly agree that a curve is necessary for this type of class.

I think that Internet courses are difficult because if you get confused it is hard to get help from the instructor. I learn less.

I found the print in the power point presentations at times very difficult to read from small font. Also at times it cut the words off on the right side. It may also be helpful to have a way of extracting some of the information on the Power point presentations to make copies or notes.

I do like this idea of Internet courses. I think it can work very well depending on the instructor or the type of course. I realize I should have taken this class live to get more interaction with the teacher, since I feel I am not getting much. I will take another Internet course if the opportunity arises. My only disappointment is the length of time it takes for my instructor to respond by grading my assignment or even returning my e-mail. I check for a response a few times a day and sometimes I don't get a response for a week. Maybe this is how it is done, I didn't know what to expect. She does give us plenty of time between assignments though and chances to revise our work. Again, I would take another Internet course!

The professor just gives tons of assignments but never comments on what you are doing wrong or gives an explanation. You are just expected to turn in assignments even if they are all wrong. It really hurts when it comes to test times.

It sure would be a lot nicer if there was a set schedule as to when an assignment/chat would be posted. It's almost as if you are expected to be at school via the Internet 24hrs. a day, 7 days a week (i.e. assignments for the week will be posted on Tues. & Thurs. AM...). This is where I feel most of this program's disorganization stems from. Definitely no structure.

I think the accommodations that an online course provides are great, however, when dealing with technology there can be some extremely frustrating occurrences!

I ended up missing the mandatory first meeting because of a scheduling problem in the classroom but the instructor helped me with what I missed. I'm still not sure of the effectiveness of this type of class but it allows me to work around a busy schedule.

I enjoy the easy manner and freedom that WebCT has to offer. I do think that more time, face to face, with the instructor would be helpful. Even if that time was only once a month for an hour. Otherwise, I do plan to take more WebCT course work during my graduate work.

I am confused. This will be the last Internet course I will take because I do not know where I stand in the course...and I am fearful of the progression that the course is taking. We are required to group with two other classmates to perform a project and having to rely on two unknown people for my project does not make me feel secure...especially since I have no clue what my project really is

I thought that the Internet course would be nice because time is not a commodity in which I have an abundance of. However it has been more time consuming than I thought. I did not know that I had to be a computer whiz to take the class. I was hoping it would make my life a little easier, but in fact it has turned out to be quite difficult.

I am looking forward to taking more courses over the Internet. This has been a great alternative for me, a single mom working full time.

The biggest problem I have with this class is that when we take our quizzes/tests, we are immediately given a score but we are unable to see which questions we got wrong. It would be much more effective, at least for me, to be able to access the questions I got wrong so that I can correct my thinking pattern immediately while it is still fresh in my mind. We took our first test 1 1/2 weeks ago and still can not access our tests to see which questions we got wrong. Maybe we should be able to access them immediately - in classroom situations we can't - but it should take 2 weeks to get our tests back - at most it should take only a week. Where the test is corrected immediately I think it should only be about 2 or 3 days at the most.

I think the instructor is great. There was some confusion in the beginning of the class, but they have been cleared up. The instructor does put out a lecture for each assignment, but they do not always cover issues not discussed by the book. He just kind of follows the books lectures in his own words and leaves out difficult problems. We submit questions to the bulletin board for other students to help, but you usually don't get a quick answer. Sometimes you wait days to get a response, and then the response isn't always clear. Overall, I think it's great, but there could be more activity - like chat discussions at a specified time with the instructor. You would get a response right then to some of your questions without spending days waiting and losing interest.

I think distance education programs, particularly Internet-based distance education programs are great. They allow people with busy work schedules, such as myself, to continue their education. I have found that these courses are not only very convenient, but also very comprehensive. So far the professors I have had have been very knowledgeable and very helpful. These are hardly "dummied downed" courses, they are in fact very challenging and informative. I am looking forward to taking more D.E. courses in the future.

I feel that the online courses are not only of help to those of us that are quite a distance away, but also for those of us that work odd hours and cannot always be in class on a certain day a the same time every week. I think that the online classes are a blessing!

Internet classes are great. I am a mother of two and work full-time. These classes allow me to go to school and spend adequate time with my kids. I will continue to take as many Internet classes as they are available.

I find that most of the Internet courses that I have taken I have learned more than attending lectures only because I am forced to understand the concepts on my own and if I don't understand there is help available at anytime.

I think that Internet courses are great especially if you are a single parent. I have never had any problems with the instructors or the WebCT access.

The course I have now is great, and the instructor has it together. Some in the past were not so good.

The Internet courses are convenient for my life style. I would not be able to receive my degree if they did not exist. I am very pleased with them.

I feel that the students that enroll in Internet courses and telecourses do so because of their busy work and family schedules. I think the time a student has to finish the course should be longer than that of a regular student going to class is required. I am having to drop this class mainly for this reason and enrolling in a the same class out of North Dakota because they offer a longer time to complete the course.

The instructor's WEBCT site has great art depicted on the intro. I appreciate that.

The only thing I find aggravating is the way we have to submit our assignments to get our grades.

With not being so familiar with the computer the course has been more difficult than a normal lecture course, but it is great for those of us who need to continue to work through school..good luck on your work!

I would like to take more online courses in the future, but would appreciate it if the instructors gave more detailed instructions on how to use the WebCT system. Also, I find typos to be distracting.

The class is very easy to follow and instructor is very helpful with suggestions. Instructor also posts to discussion board.

My instructor for the 102 course is very helpful and patient with those of us who have not taken a web course. She seems to have done this before. My other English (231) instructor has not and she is in the same boat we are and is learning with us which is not bad, but the communication does become a bit fuzzy and people end up frustrated or missing assignments. I suggest a training course or a short class to help new WebCT teachers learn throughout their web classes and not seem so lost.

This class may be all right if the teacher wasn't such a jack-off. This type of class is OK for students that don't need visualized learning, but for a 101 class its all right

Currently, I am taking 2 Internet classes, I am doing well in Hist-101, however, the other one,

Astronomy -103, I am not doing so well, and I am concerned!..I am reading the text, but the questions on the quizzes are very difficult, so I have asked for tutoring, because it is affecting my self-confidence!!

I like the course and instructor, the only thing that's a little difficult is the quizzes. Other than that every thing's fine the professor does a great job in reaching out to us. I personally have a good quiz average so I'm pleased.

I understand this is the instructors first year at this. It can only get better.

Contemporary Literature is one of four Internet classes I am currently taking, the others being Environmental science, Sociology of Marriage and the Family, and Math 112. I do enjoy the online classes for the flexibility they offer, and overall I find them to be great for my style of learning. The problems that I have I can take to my instructors and all of them have been worked through. Considering the fact that I am taking the classes from California, I think that it works out pretty well!

I enjoy Internet courses I can defiantly learn on my computer at home.

WebCT's help section isn't very helpful. There should be more detailed instruction on the sight about using the features.

WebCT was difficult to learn how to use at first, but after a few weeks it became easier. Frank Daniels is a good teacher, I just wish he gave a few more examples that apply to the lesson.

I would like to see CCSN expand the number and types of Internet courses being offered.

I have enjoyed taking this class through the WebCT and with Glen, I also have English 107 through WebCT. Both of these classes have been going along very well, with little or no problems. My only complaint is, when the semester began last fall (2000) there was very little notice about the workshop for WebCT, please let us know about these workshops through maybe the local paper. I really do not know the answer to this problem, but it should be addressed at the next meeting of the minds. Because there were a lot of students that had trouble submitting assignments and some still are experiencing some difficulty with this procedure (including myself). The instructions are some what confusing until one gets the hang of things.

The only problem so far with any of the Internet courses is that you don't have a relationship with your instructor. But these courses are just more convenient for me to take with my time schedule.

Online courses are difficult when you do not have the motivation to participate. Very similar to regular courses, both beneficial.

I am currently taking 3 online classes and am sorry to say that I am not satisfied with any of them. I am not impressed with the way that the classes are presented. The notes that I have been given for each class are pointless for the most part, as they do not single out the specifics that the instructor views as important. Instructors are not involved in discussions and do not seem to be concerned about whether or not things could be improved about their classes. All in all, it looks like an easy way for these instructors to get credit for teaching one more 3 credit class without doing much of anything. After my experience with these classes, I can only say that online classes have the potential to be a good alternative for students, but I am sorry to report that I will not be doing this again.

This course is suited to WebCT, however I find the hard-copy text and online text do not sync well. There is a lot of redundancy in some cases, and not enough in others. This is a function of CISCO's layout, not WebCT or the instructor.

I don't find there to be significant benefit from taking this particular course online, especially since I still have to travel to school once per week to participate in the labs. If I am not going to get the benefit of the instructor's lecture and presence, I don't want to travel.

Finally, studying text on a screen has the following disadvantages:

1. Eye strain;

2. Inability to find a relaxed study position;

3. Inability to highlight/mark the text, make notes and return to them text quickly; and

4. If the text is printed, there is often simply one or two lines per page, wasting paper resources and printing time.

Overall, I'm not real thrilled about Web-based instruction. I feel it compromises the educational experience. On the other hand, it can provide advanced education to those who live outside of commuting distance from an institution and cannot afford to live away from home. I suspect there are many instances of this in rural Nevada.

I haven't had as much as a difficult time before on online classes except this. My teacher doesn't seem very friendly in his emails. He told me he provided me with certain things I needed to make up an assignment and they weren't there. And he gave me no credit what-so-ever even though the reason I couldn't turn it in was not my fault at all. If the professor puts link on the page, I'll click on a couple, but when I want to go back to the previous page it takes me all the way back to the course home page and I have to go through different sites to get where I was before. Online class is OK, I guess, but I'm debating if I want to take online class again or not.

I am still new to this whole Internet course thing. It seems to be going well, however I still prefer going to an actual class because the points of view are more easily understood and shared. Unfortunately, this class fit my schedule better this semester.

My main problem with the online courses thus far are the required chat times. This is very difficult to accomplish. I chose online courses because I cannot be someplace at one time all the time. I cannot make this up in most of my classes, and if I can make it up, it is also in a way that requires more time than I have available.

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