A Word about Desmos!

We are going to use the FREE online graphing calculator Desmos. You can find it at desmos.com/calculator. If you wish, you can even create a free account.

Following are a few YouTube vidoes that will help you get started!

Introduction to the Desmos Graphing Calculator

Desmos Graph Settings

Using Pi in the Axis Labels

All Desmos Help Videos

To copy a graph, examine the following picture:

Use the "Export Image" option in the "Share Your Graph" window. For "Size" use either "Medium Square" or "Large Square", whichever one shows more detail.

For all of your Desmos graphs, you must do the following:

  1. Show a coordinate system with grid lines and axis numbers.
  2. Create a "reasonable" rectangular coordinate system. That is, the scale of the x- and y-axis should be in proportion to your graph and not too small or too large. Important characteristics of the graph (intercepts, vertices, starting points, turns, etc.) must be clearly visible.