(1) Where are the quizzes taken?

On any computer at a location of your choice!

(2) When are the quizzes available?

The Syllabus Quiz is available on the first day of the semester. You must achieve a 100% on the Autobiography Task before you can access the Syllabus Quiz. This quiz is password protected and you will get this password from the instructor once you post your autobiography.

The Concept Quizzes become available on certain dates. Check the Course Calendar. No quiz can be completed for a grade after its availability period!

NOTE: Taking a quiz at the last possible minute might not let you make other arrangements in case of an emergency that the instructor is then unwilling to perceive as such. Therefore, it is recommended that you take your quizzes as soon as they become available.

(3) Are the quizzes proctored?

NO! The quizzes are not proctored. This does not mean that you can use outside help to complete them. Please read the CSN Student Academic Integrity Policy and the instructor's integrity policy in the syllabus.

(4) Where can the quizzes be found?

You can find the Syllabus Quiz in the "Preliminaries" tasks folder on the MyOpenMath (MOM) course home page. The course consists of several modules located in MyOpenMath. You can find a Concept Quiz in the third tasks folder of most modules.

(5) What types of problems are on the quizzes?

The Syllabus Quiz tests your general course knowledge. The Concept Quiz problems will be taken from the associated Practice Tasks. No other concepts will be tested.

(6) Do quizzes have due dates?

The Syllabus Quiz does not have a due date. However, the Concept Quizzes do. Please check the Course Calendar.

(7) How many times can I take each quiz?

You can take the Syllabus Quiz an unlimited number of times and only the highest score counts. You can take each Concept Quiz five (5) times during the availability period and only the highest score counts.

(8) Can I rework problems?

SORT OF...! You get one (1) attempt per problem with no replacement problems. You can take a new quiz (up to 5 times) to correct any mistakes you may have made in previous attempts.

(9) Can I use learning aids while taking the Concept Quizzes?

You may start out using your notes, the book, or the instructor lectures. At one point, though, you must be able to do each problem without hesitation and without looking at your notes in the speediest time possible.

(10) How much time do I have to take each quiz?

There is no time limit for the Syllabus Quiz. You will be given 2 hours for the Concept Quizzes. The time is indicated in the top right-hand corner.

(11) Do I have to complete a quiz once I start it?

YES! Once you start a quiz the clock timer will start. When it reaches 2 hours you will no longer be able to access this quiz attempt, and you will have to start a new one. Remember, you are given five (5) attempts!

(12) When can I review the grades and answers?

You will be able to open and review all of your quiz attempts immediately after submitting them. Click on the "Gradebook" link and then click on the quiz in which you are interested.

(13) Can I work on a Concept Quiz for additional practice?

After the due date, you can access all five Concept Quiz attempt to rework all problems. You will not get new problems. You will have to rework the existing problems.

(14) What happens if there is a technical problem while taking the quizzes?

If you have technical problems, log out of the program and shut down your browser. Then re-access both. If this does not work, send the instructor an email IMMEDIATELY using