Your exams can be virtually proctored via ProctorU, an online proctoring service. There is no cost to students since the College of Southern Nevada has purchased a license for its students to access ProctorU.

Watch the student experience video for what to expect.

You will access ProctorU at

If you decide to take the exams with ProctorU, you must take the ProctorU Practice Exam. Please discuss this with the instructor at least 7 days prior to the scheduled exam period.

Please note, ProctorU does not support Chromebooks, cellphones, Tablets/iPads, MS Surface RT. If necessary, YOU MUST make arrangements to take your exams on an approved device.

Technical and/or Equipment Questions

Please ask any technical and/or equipment questions in the following manner

ProctorU Pre-Exam Tasks

    1. You must have an unexpired U.S. government-issued ID (DMV issued drivers' license, DMV issued identification card, passport).

    2. Sign Up: Create a test-taker ProctorU account here ( Account creation is fairly simple! You need to select your institution, College of Southern Nevada, and provide some personal information. You are also required to create a password and User ID. DON'T FORGET IT!

    3. Browser: You must use Chrome. Make sure you’re using the latest version. Do not use Safari, Firefox, or IE.

    4. Download the ProctorU Extension: extension for Chrome

    5. Check Your Equipment here to make sure your system is compatible with ProctorU. You must first log into your ProctorU account! Click here to see a full list of requirements.

Exam Scheduling

Access your ProctorU account and click on "Schedule New Exam." The procedure is quite intuitive and should take between 5 and 10 minutes. Follow the instructions carefully. Look for the following names and see Course Calendar for exam dates and times.

ProctorU Practice Exam - Ingrid Stewart

Math 127 - Exam 1 - Ingrid Stewart

Math 127 - Exam 2 - Ingrid Stewart

Math 127 - Exam 3 - Ingrid Stewart

Math 127 - Exam 4 - Ingrid Stewart

NOTE: During the exam scheduling process you may be asked if you are a citizen of the EEA. That’s European Economic Area for short. Please say NO!

On the day before the Exam

Visit to check your equipment. Test it around the same time of day that your exam is scheduled. For example, if your exam is Thursday at 7:00 p.m., test your equipment around 7:00 p.m. on an earlier day of that same week. Ensure you are using the same computer in the same testing environment that you will be using for your appointment.

What to do on Exam Day

  1. Give yourself at least 3 hours for testing!

  2. Familiarize yourself with what you are allowed and not allowed to do during the exam. Any of the following can result in exam stoppage (and subsequent incident report to instructor):
  • Talking aloud: Unless you have an accommodation, talking or whispering aloud during the exam is not permitted.
  • Being out of camera view: Your face, chin to forehead, needs to be in the camera view at all times.
  • Anyone entering your testing area: You may not have anyone else in your testing location with you.
  • Anyone talking to you while you’re in your testing area: Additional noises, including other people talking to you, while you’re in your exam are not allowed.
  • Looking off-screen: If you aren’t allowed any materials, your eyes should stay on the screen at all times while testing.
  • Utilizing materials that are not allowed: You’re only allowed a calculator and multiple sheets of scratch paper.
  • Taking pictures or screenshots of the exam: Taking pictures while in your exam, including screenshots, is not permitted.
  • Copying and pasting any elements of the exam: In most cases, our system will not allow you to copy and paste any content from your exam. Regardless of whether you can or cannot perform this function, our system will capture all events of copy and paste that occur.
  • Utilizing a virtual machine: Virtual machines can be detected through the pre-exam system check and are not permitted.
  • Utilizing a secondary monitor: You are only allowed to use one monitor attached to one computer during your exam.
  1. In the hour before your exam appointment:
  • Ensure you are in a private room. Nobody is allowed in the room during your appointment.
  • The lighting of your room must be of daylight quality. Ensure your light source is not directly behind you. This will make it difficult for your proctor to see you and they will ask you to change the environment.
  • Have a valid, unexpired Government-issued photo ID ready (driver’s license, passport).
  • Have a mirror or a cell phone ready. This helps you show the edges of your monitor to your proctor. Thereafter, you will be asked to remove your cell phone.
  • Close out of all programs, applications, and Web sites that do not pertain to the exam. The proctor will check this!
  • Remove any non-religious head coverings, watches, sunglasses, earbuds and/or headphones.
  • Remove any non-allowed physical and digital notes that do not pertain to the exam from the workspace. The proctor will check this.
  • Remove any tablets, smart watches, or laptops not connected with the live proctor from the room. The proctor will check your workspace.
  • Log into MyOpenMath and then access the exam. It is password protected and only the ProctorU staff knows it. They will input it remotely when you are ready to start the exam.

What happens during the Exam Launch Process?

This process will likely take between 10 and 15 minutes unless you experience technical difficulties in which case ProctorU can assist you with fixing your equipment. This time is not subtracted from the time you’re allowed for your exam.

The following five (5) steps must be completed by you BEFORE the proctor greets you:

  • Log in to your ProctorU account approximately 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment and click "Start Session" when the countdown timer reaches 0:00:00.
  • If you don’t already have the ProctorU extension, you’ll be prompted to download it. You’ll be required to accept exam guidelines and terms of service. The browser will prompt you to share your screen, a required part of being proctored online. You’ll be automatically guided through a series of equipment checks to make sure your system meets minimum requirements.
  • You’ll take a photo of yourself as well as your I.D. for identity verification purposes. Depending on the level of verification required by your institution, you may be asked to answer a series of randomly generated, public record challenge questions. You may also be required to type out a paragraph of text that will be checked against a pre-existing typing test that you would have been asked to complete prior to exam day. Both of these are optional measures selected by your instructor or institution.
  • You will be prompted to download and run a LogMeIn Rescue applet that will bring up a chat box allowing you to text with your proctor. If prompted, be sure to click “open” or “allow” to give the file permission to run. When the chat box says “waiting,” it means that you are in the queue waiting for your proctor.
    TIP: If your status shows “waiting,” do not re-download the applet file as that will put you back at the end of the queue. If you have issues with this applet file, view these troubleshooting tips.
  • If you are a MacOS X Catalina or Big Sur user, you must make certain adjustments to your Security and Privacy Settings. View this video.
    The next nine (9) steps will be completed WITH THE proctor:
  • After the proctor greets you, he or she will review the exam rules and asks to see any permitted resources that your instructor has allowed you to use during your exam.
  • Your proctor will then ask to take remote control of your mouse and keyboard via the LogMeIn Rescue applet in order to make sure no unpermitted programs are running.
  • Your proctor will make changes to your computer settings. BE SURE TO ASK HIM OR HER AFTER THE EXAM TO REVERSE THESE CHANGES!!!
  • Your proctor will ask you to show the 4 walls of your room as well as your desk space via your webcam. You may be asked to show your computer monitor by using a MIRROR or CELL PHONE CAMERA.
  • Your proctor will inspect your scratch paper and your calculator. Lastly, your proctor will make sure your cell phone is out of reach again.
  • Your proctor will then direct you to the exam in MyOpenMath so that he or she can unlock your exam with the password that has been provided by the instructor.
  • Your proctor will release control of your computer and you’ll begin your exam when you’re ready.
  • Your proctor will monitor you closely during exam completion. Your proctor will stop the test-taking process if suspicious activity is noted that might be interpreted as cheating. Any suspicious activity will be recorded, and the video will be sent to the instructor. Not until the activity is rectified will the exam process continue. The stoppage will be subtracted from you test-taking time and will be reported to the instructor.