(1) Where are the Practice Tasks taken?

On any computer at a location of your choice!

(2) When are the Practice Tasks available?

Practice Tasks become available on certain dates. Check the Course Calendar. No Practice Task can be completed for a grade after its availability period. You must achieve a 100% on the Syllabus Quiz and the ProctorU Practice Exam before you can start Practice 1. For most other Practice Tasks, you must achieve at least a 75% on a previous Practice Task before you can access them.

NOTE: Completing the Practice Tasks at the last possible minute might not let you make other arrangements in case of an emergency that the instructor is then unwilling to perceive as such. Therefore, it is recommended that you complete the Practice Tasks as soon as they become available.

(3) Where can I find the Practice Tasks?

The course consists of several modules located in MyOpenMath. You can find the practice task in the first three tasks folder of each module.

(4) What types of problems are on the Practice Tasks?

The Practice Tasks problems are selected to closely match the examples in the instructor lecture notes.

(5) Do Practice Tasks have due dates?

YES! Please check the Course Calendar.

(6) How many times can I take each Practice Task?

You can continue to re-access the practice tasks during their availability period.

(7) Can I rework problems?

YES! If you answered a problem incorrectly THREE TIMES in a row, it will be marked as "incorrect", and you will be given the correct answer.  In order to get credit for this problem, you can immediately or at a later time (within the availability period) work an unlimited number of similar replacement problems.

(8) Can I use learning aids while doing the Practice Tasks?


(9) How much time do I have to complete each Practice Task?

There is no time limit on completing the Practice Tasks. You can save your progress and come back at a later time.

(10) Do I have to complete a Practice Task once I start it?

NO! You can stop at any time and come back and finish each Practice Task later as long as you do it before the end of the availability period.

(11) When can I review the grades and answers?

You will be able to open and review all of your Practice Tasks immediately after submitting them. Click on the "Gradebook" link then find the practice task in which you are interested.

(12) Can I work additional problems?

For every lesson there exists an "ADDITIONAL PRACTICE" link. There, you can work the practice problems as often as you want throughout the entire semester.

(13) What happens if there is a technical problem while doing a Practice Task?

If you have technical problems, log out of the program and shut down your browser. Then re-access both. If this does not work, send the instructor an email IMMEDIATELY using YOU CANNOT CLAIM "TECHNICAL PROBLEMS" AFTER THE HARD DUE DATE!