(1) Where are the exams taken?

On any computer at a location of your choice!

If you are registered with the CSN Disability Resource Center, you need to send the instructor your official Accommodation Letter. Be aware that you might not be able to take an exam if your documentation is sent too late.

For more information go to

(2) When are the exams available?

The exams become available on certain dates. Check the Course Calendar. No exam can be completed after its availability period!

NOTE: Taking an exam at the last possible minute might not let you make other arrangements in case of an emergency that the instructor is then unwilling to perceive as such. Therefore, it is recommended that you take your exams as soon as they become available.

(3) Are the exams proctored?

NO! The exams are not proctored. This does not mean that you can use outside help to complete them. Please read the CSN Student Academic Integrity Policy and the instructor's integrity policy in the syllabus.

(4) Where can I find the exams?

The course consists of several modules located in MyOpenMath. You can find an exam in the last tasks folder of each module.

(5) What types of problems are on the exams?

The exam problems will be taken from the associated Practice Tasks. No other concepts will be tested.

(6) Do exams have due dates?

YES! Please check the Course Calendar.

(7) How many times can I take each exam?

You can take each exam exactly ONCE.

(8) Can I rework problems?

SORT OF...! The exam questions will be presented to you one at a time. You will not get a replacement problem. However, you are allowed to visit or revisit any question while taking the exam.

(9) Can I use learning aids while taking the exams?

You CANNOT use textbooks, notes, formulas, a buddy or relative, and the Internet or other reference materials.

You CAN use a calculator and multiple sheets of blank paper.

(10) How much time do I have to take each exam?

You will be given 90 minutes. The time is indicated in the top right-hand corner of the exam.

(11) Do I have to complete an exam once I start it?

YES! Once you start an exam the clock timer will start. When it reaches 90 minutes you will no longer be able to access the exam. Remember, you only have one (1) attempt!

(12) When can I review the grades and answers?

You will be able to open and review a completed exam AFTER the due date/time. Click on the "Gradebook" link, find the exam you are interested in, and then click on the point-score in the "Grade" column.

(13) What happens if there is a technical problem while taking the exams?

Send the instructor an email IMMEDIATELY using